Retro look for the pop-up of TWA Hotel

Inspired by the atmospheres of the 1960s, the Sweet'N Low® brand collaborates with TWA Hotel to create a retro salon inside JFK Airport in New York

TWA Hotel, Sweet'N Glow, JFK New York

Sweet’N Low®, the original ‘pink’ zero-calorie sweetener, reimagines a beauty parlor in retro style for the TWA Hotel at JFK Airport in New York. The new Sweet’N Glow hair salon will be open for a limited time only in the TWA Hotel, next to the iconic Sunken Lounge, combining the timeless charm of Sweet’N Low with the Sixties glamour of the TWA Hotel.

Guests can travel back in time, immersed in a vintage atmosphere featuring original hairdryers and old-fashioned wigs. They can wear pink smocks – like the Sweet’N Low trademark – and sit under the dryer hoods while browsing through vintage-themed magazines. Or they can pose behind the desk of the salon with personalized wallpaper and fabulous hair-dos in the background.

TWA Hotel, Sweet’N Glow, JFK New York

With the famous pink packaging, Sweet’N Low is a historic trademark that has permeated American culture, offering an alternative to sugar. With a very high recognition factor, its look has been on view since the 1950s in restaurants, cafes, homes and airplanes.

TWA Hotel, Sweet’N Glow, JFK New York
TWA Hotel, Sweet’N Glow, JFK New York

The pop-up beauty parlor is a project organized by the company to bring consumers closer to the brand through a special experience, paying tribute to the heritage of the brand. “We couldn’t imagine a more perfectly pink, retro way to bring our Sweet’N Low brand to life,” said Sara Hoskow, Marketing Manager at Sweet’N Low. “We were thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with the TWA Hotel, a space that already felt so naturally suited to our nostalgic tone.”