Black Diamond Restaurant, Nanchong City, China
Black Diamond Restaurant, Nanchong City, China

Black Diamond is a French restaurant sited inside a waterfront building in the center of World Park City, in Manfu New Area, the first cultural tourism complex that integrates the functions of culture, tourism, commerce, business and residence in the county.

The space features a sense of uncertainty. Through spatial exploration, the design team created an illusory experience through real structures. The fusion and separation of different areas give rise to tangled emotions. The combination of geometry and arc, free plane and broken arc constitute a flowing spatial scene.

With suspended form and tilted structure, the space produces a sense of uncertainty, lightness and elegance, filled with fun. All geometries, natural material textures, dim lighting and music are elaborately combined to respond to guests’ elegant emotional demands. Experiencing the space is like listening to a wonderful music concert, which is mysterious and beautiful.

Shaped by structures, light is transformed into an interior element. Structure, as the creator of light, connects with an immeasurable abstract world, emerging with daylight.