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Talenti celebrates its twentieth anniversary by inaugurating a new showroom at Via Manzoni 11 in Milan, marking an important step forward in the brand's expansion

Talenti Showroom, Milano

Located in a historic building on Via Manzoni, the new Milanese showroom of Talenti establishes itself as a reference point for design and innovation enthusiasts. The decision to position itself in this emblematic location is part of a corporate strategy aimed at connecting tradition and future prospects. The concept of the space was supervised by Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba, who aimed to enhance both the architecture and the design furnishings. “The setup was conceived rigorously, to focus on the quality of the collections,” state the curators. The choice of neutral tones and an open layout reflects the commitment of the Umbrian company to create a welcoming environment that emphasizes refined aesthetics and sustainability.

One of the distinctive elements of the showroom is the large central skylight, which illuminates the spaces with natural light and creates a visual dialogue between the furniture and the external environment. With its over 500 square meters spread across three floors, the “Talenti Manzoni” space offers a broad range of settings designed to meet different needs, always focusing on innovative and effective solutions. Throughout the year, the showroom will serve as a meeting place between the company, potential customers, and established partners.

Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba emphasize how Talenti has introduced new dynamics in a sector that can sometimes appear static, with a strong commitment to ethics, sustainability, and ecology—values that are increasingly indispensable for standing out in the contemporary design landscape.