Misha Kahn: authorial experiments. Also for sale

Misha Kahn portrait, Courtesy of Friedman Benda and Dries Van Noten - Photo © Charles White

“At times my mind takes me to a place called the ‘library of forms’ where I imagine an infinite shelf displaying an infinity of morphological solutions,” says Misha Kahn. This is the world of his imagination. As one of the most eclectic designers on the American scene, a maker of engaging pieces and unexpected volumes, wrapped in color and experimental use of materials, Kahn shapes a visionary world inspired by Tim Burton.

Pig of the Earth by Misha Kahn

The constant research on unusual or unknown forms, as well as the works triggered by the combination of digital and handmade dimensions, have convinced the Friedman Benda gallery in New York to represent him. After ten years in his studio in Brooklyn, at Sunset Park (129 26th Street, Brooklyn) – “a large industrial space,” he says, “where there is an opossum that enters by night, sleeps on the workbench and knocks my tools to the floor… and there are many incredible devices, like 3D printers and a robot” – this summer he will be moving out of New York City.

Larvae Chalice by Misha Kahn
That’s Curtains Clip Art by Misha Kahn

During the days of NYCxDesign, Kahn has decided to organize a very special event: a sale held on Saturday 18 May, from 2.00 to 6.00 PM. The artist and designer invites people to visit his studio, a few blocks away from other spaces, such as that of Chen Chen and Kai Williams, and to purchase the first pieces, samples and prototypes at very appealing prices. Let’s hope the robots can also mix drinks!