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Wall&decò is one of the most innovative Italian producers of wallpaper. Wallpaper as we know it today has roots in the 1800s, when thanks to progress in printing techniques, it became an affordable product for the middle classes. Another step forward came with the use of PVC (one of the most extensively consumed plastic materials in the world), which made wallcoverings much more durable, washable and easy to remove.

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Today, thanks to the research of a large chemical company – INEOS Inovyn – the new Biovyn™ has entered the scene, a new type of PVC 100% produced with ethylene of biological origin derived from scrap generated by the timber industry. With these characteristics, it has a carbon footprint that is 97.6% lower than normal PVC (a material that in any case is recyclable). Wall&decò has chosen this material to make d.ecodura™, the first organic bio-vinyl wallpaper in the world, which has just won the German Innovation Award.

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Utilizing Biovyn™ for the surface layer, d.ecoduraTM has a carbon footprint 50% lower than that of traditional Wall&decò’s vinyl wallpapers. Furthermore, the reduction of the dependency on virgin plastics of fossil origin, and the development of renewable raw materials with very low environmental impact, are factors that reflect the company’s vision of the future. d.ecodura™ is available in two different finishes: d.TW (d.ecodura Texture Wallpaper), with a woven effect that adds tactile allure to the surface, and d.SW (d.ecodura Sand Wallpaper), whose smooth surface suggests the silk touch of the finest sand.

Founded in 2005 by Christian Benini, a photographer and now the creative director of the brand, Wall&decò has always set out to offer products and projects capable of bringing innovation to the sector. The choice of this revolutionary material represents a coherent step for a company has always looked forward into the future.

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