#PedraliColoursofLightness by Pedrali, Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 - Photo © Ottavio Tomasini
#PedraliColoursofLightness by Pedrali, Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 - Photo © Ottavio Tomasini

Color and lightness are the guides through which to discover the new Pedrali collections, as seen at the recent Salone del Mobile in Milan. Like a sun-drenched stroll in a natural setting, where various hues become a regenerating range, enhancing our perception of the context. Likewise, the #PedraliColoursofLightness display created by DWA Design Studio concentrated on seven tableaux in a variegated emotional path, shifting from the cool tones of the early hours of the morning to the warm shadings of approaching dusk. The accent is on the necessities of outdoor living, as already envisioned by Mario Pedrali 61 years ago, when he began to make the first collections of outdoor furniture in wrought iron.

The story begins with sky blue, for the architecture of the display. A volume of over 900 sqm, based on the use of transparency and light materials like gauze, leading into a space with a dreamy, soft effect. Inside, the settings with pale, delicate backdrops resembling the hues of the sky are ‘ignited’ by the more intense, forceful colors of the products, also taking inspiration from the world of art, especially the paintings of Giorgio Morandi and the photographs of Luigi Ghirri.

All of this jibes perfectly with the design of greenery. Shades of yellow and terracotta dominate in the first space, which represents a residential context. The new lounge and sofa versions of Lamorisse, created by CMP Design in a clear contrast between the understatement of the structure and the abundance of the welcoming cushion, coexist with the new Rizz table by Robin Rizzini, whose hidden support structure sustains tops of large size. The Héra Soft chairs designed by Patrick Jouin, on the other hand, achieve a new level of comfort.

Orange tones “dress up” the second setting, an outdoor lounge zone whose protagonists are the ample volumes and mobile backs of the Buddy Oasi soft furnishings designed by Busetti Garuti Redaelli. The pink tones typical of sunsets invade the third setting, presenting an outdoor bar. Here the Philía model by Odo Fioravanti reprises the lines of the outdoor chairs of the Italian tradition, juxtaposed with handmade weaving.

Along the way a materials library composed of a large circular table displays a collection of objects, photographs, videos, materials, fabrics and the custom-made services of Pedrali, for application to any type of environment. Green and more orange burst into an indoor space that resembles the lounge area of a prestigious hotel, in the fourth space of the itinerary.

Here the Ester Lounge chair by Patrick Jouin, enhanced by even more soft and harmonious forms, stands out like a precious monolith. In the fifth setting cooler shades of green, together with plants flourishing inside reticular structures, display the Nolita Sofa and Nolita Relax by CMP Design, with their great modular versatility. The pieces are seen on the new Twiny carpets by DWA Design Studio, in completely recyclable polypropylene cord. There is also room for Narì by Andrea Pedrali: presented last year and selected in 2023 for the ADI Design Index, this piece is in the running for the Targa Giovani assigned in 2024, for the occasion of the Compasso d’Oro ADI.

The cool shades of violet project visitors into an evening atmosphere in the final space. The Stiel collection by Sebastian Herkner suggests a modern, elegant restaurant; the name means “stalk” in German, pointing to the form that sets the tone of the entire series. The itinerary of #PedraliColoursofLightness comes alive around a colorful central courtyard, inhabited by many different collections. They include Héra Straw, also by Patrick Jouin, a concentrate of ergonomic design, thanks to the back in 3D curved plywood, and aesthetic warmth provided by the seat in handwoven cellulose cord.

#PedraliColoursofLightness by Pedrali, Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024 - Photo © Ottavio Tomasini

Each and every piece reveals the accent on sustainability that is an integral part of the identity of the brand, 100% Made in Italy. From the design phase to the production process, from the materials utilized to the optimization of consumption of raw ingredients and the rationalization of resources, all the way to easy disassembly and control of emissions. This ecological focus has enabled the company to obtain a wide range of certifications.