Domestic silhouettes

The light structures of bookcases, systems, wardrobes and doors can divide, separate and store. The let the gaze pass through, preferably with the use of metal, often combined with glass

Vertical by Arrital, design Franco Driusso
Vertical by Arrital, design Franco Driusso

In the modern conception of the home, where often there are very few load-bearing walls, bookcases and wardrobes are often used to divide (or unite) the various zones. Today, thanks to the increasingly frequent use of glass, they can become showcases for the display of books, objects and clothing. Elements that separate without creating drastic visual barriers. The character of these architectural frames is set by metal structures and supports, which in the dialogue between form and content, inside and outside, generate light silhouettes that can be enhanced and personalized with ideal accessories for the rational use of space.

The Vertical modular bookcase (on cover) by Arrital, part of the project-collection Feeling Home (designed by Franco Driusso), becomes a practical divider between two zones of the house, since it is always finished on all sides. Also available in the wall-mounted version, it can accommodate different types of shelves and storage modules of various sizes.

Storage Battente by Porro, design Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro

A black+white effect for the Storage Battente wardrobe by Porro, designed by Piero Lissoni + CRS Porro. Storage wears Iron doors in transparent glass with an iron framework, granting visibility to the structure in white ash wood, combined with elements in black coated metal: the refined chromatic effects are emphasized by the luminous shelves in transparent glass.

Tian by Lema, design Officinadesign Lema
Tian by Lema, design Officinadesign Lema

Tian, meaning “sky” in Chinese, is a modular wardrobe by Lema entirely made of glass. The project is innovative in technological terms, based on the development of a set of aluminium frames that become the skeleton. The frames are closed on the outside by tempered glass panels with a thickness of 4 mm, in extra-light transparent, gray fumé or reflecting bronze glass. Inside, they open to form a pass-through compartment. Offering multiple possibilities for internal personalization.

Levia Divider by Ronda Design, design Gino Carollo
Palo Alto Free by MisuraEmme, design by Gianni Borgonovo

Light, graceful and very decorative, Levia Divider is the new bookcase by Gino Carollo for Ronda Design in coated metal. Designed for full height to separate spaces, with slim profiles for a square cross-section of 8 mm, the piece stands out for its particular minimalist image and the original asymmetrical arrangement of the shelves.

Palo Alto Free is the new nighttime system of MisuraEmme by Gianni Borgonovo, calling for the use of doors directly supported by floor-to-ceiling posts that generate the structure. It can be utilized as a closure system for niches or as a space divider. Palo Alto Free is compatible with the Rex door, featuring an innovative opening mechanism that permits shifting of one or more pairs of doors from the closed position to total openness at 180°, generating openings about two meters in width.

Atelier by Fantoni

Atelier is a very flexible décor solution from Fantoni, with a bookcase-storage system that acts as the backbone around which to organize the entire layout of a workspace. The extremely innovate scheme relies on four main parts: a configurable workstation, a collaboration table, a family of dynamic cabinets and a bookcase-storage system that takes on a central role in operative spaces.

Remind by Fiam, design Simone Bonanni

Remind, designed by Simone Bonanni for Fiam, is a modular wall-mounted bookcase in aluminium, glass and wood, available in a version with attachment to the ceiling, or another for fastening to the wall. The structure is composed of vertical uprights and crosspieces in black anodized aluminium, or comes with vertical posts in solid wood and shelves in extra-light, smoked or bronze glass.

Architype by Caccaro, design by R&D Caccaro and Monica Graffeo

Architype by Caccaro includes paneling with shelves, designed by the R&D Caccaro division in collaboration with Monica Graffeo, art director of the company. The paneling has been created to cover walls, corners and pillars, and it can also be combined with the suspended elements of the Wallover system, complements and a collection of beds.

Flexy Easy by Zalf, Gruppo Euromobil
Ego by DOOR2000

Flexy Easy from Zalf (Gruppo Euromobil) is a rack system with wall attachments, uprights and shelf supports in burnished aluminium, and shelves with a teal finish.

The purity of glass joins the solidity of aluminium to create a boundary that divides spaces in a dynamic, elegant way. A mixture of materials derived from a forcefully architectural idea, which the doors of the Ego line of DOOR2000 interpret with their perfect insertion in the surrounding setting. The series offers many versions, thanks to the complete range of RAL finishes and the various types of glass.

Fly, Sistema Zefiro by Linvisibile
Fly, Sistema Zefiro by Linvisibile

The Zefiro system produced by Linvisibile is composed of flanked vertical and sliding doors, made to be light and manageable. In the photo, the system is used as a divider for the passage between the entrance zone and the living area, in a game of perforated metal applied to transparent extra-clear glass. Zefiro stands out for its modular design, which offers total freedom of application. The innovative Fly version introduces a new level of flexibility: not only can the doors rotate, but they also can slide, individually or as a complete system, gathered into the desired position.