Tate, CrossHatch Collection by Dordoni & Guillaumier
Tate, CrossHatch Collection by Dordoni & Guillaumier

From 16 to 23 May, Sahrai Milano, a pioneer in the art of innovation for luxury carpets, takes part in the eagerly awaited event NYCxDesign during design week in New York. With solid roots in the exceptional culture and know-how of Persian rugs, Sahrai Milano conserves a dialogue with tradition, while at the same time looking into the future to discover new frontiers of design.

Now at its fifth generation, helmed by Rana and Ramine Sahrai, Sahrai Milano brings its heritage of excellence into the lively panorama of New York City. The company displays a fine selection of its latest works of art, like the rugs made in collaboration with Rodolfo Dordoni and Gordon Guillaumier. These include the Prado and Tate models, embodiments of a sophisticated design that boldly explores the dialogue between shadows, colors and nuances.

Prado, CrossHatch Collection by Dordoni & Guillaumier

Tulum, Underwater Collection by Sahrai

Made in natural silk and New Zealand wool with a relief effect, the rugs are handmade by outstanding artisans. Like all the creations of Sahrai, they offer the possibility of personalized colors and sizes. Hand-knotted in viscose and New Zealand wool with a relief pattern, Mallorca and Tulum are the protagonists of the Underwaterlife summer collection, with an all-over motif that replicates zones of the ocean, generating an original interpretation of the underwater world.

Paris, a rug with a forceful modern character, comes from a blend of finest natural silk and New Zealand wool. Based on an abstract design combined with a blend of delicate hues, it is part of the Elie Saab Maison Rug Collection and comes with a hand-knotted quality.

Paris, Elie Saab Maison Rug Collection

Port Beach, Outdoor Collection by Sahrai

Thin and minimal with its Flatweave quality in polypropylene, Port Beach is a key item in the outdoor collection of Sahrai, based on a simple but elegant motif of interlocking strips in different colors and widths, making the piece particularly suitable for gardens, terraces and spas.

The intriguing interaction between the sturdiness of jute and the softness of bamboo gives rise to Spyro, a gem from the Noor collection. This round rug, with its organic shape that adapts to the natural essence of the materials, offers an engaging visual spectacle driven by the contrasts between textures. The display is completed by two other models from the collection, both bestsellers of the brand: Moonstone Grey, hand-knotted in natural silk with loops in the same material, and Ionic Ivory, hand-knotted in viscose, with a relief effect.

Spyro, Noor Collection by Sahrai

Billow, Venust Capsule Collection by Nina Magon

Driven by the aim of bringing new dreams and ideas to the United States, the company is now writing a new chapter along its pathway of success, which began two hundred years ago, and is now enhanced by international collaborations with designers, artists and fashion brands known around the world.