3D style

Inviting to the touch, the grosgrain or slatted surfaces of doors, walls, wardrobes and paneling bring movement to interior architecture, dressing it with elegance and refinement

Bianco Serena by Lapitec

The world of fabrics with canneté effects, heavy cottons and silks with thin ribbing, has influenced the world of design. Grosgrain, a type of workmanship that was very widespread from the 1930s to the 1950s, is back to add dynamism to the surfaces of doors and paneling, with 3D moldings that sculpt wood, glass or other substances, creating effects of light and shadow. Doors are built into the walls, becoming lively features of the décor. Cabinets, in turn, can be transformed to create dividers between space.

Lapitec is a facing material for kitchens and architecture, 100% natural, with a formula free of crystalline silica. In comes in large “full-body” sheets, where the mineral colors are contained in the mixture and not printed, emerging vividly in the case of workmanship involving cutting, engraving and perforation. In the image, the wall displays the softness of Bianco Serena (on cover), with golden veins on a chromatic base with ivory tones.

Modulor by Rimadesio, design Giuseppe Bavuso

The surface of the Modulor paneling system designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio features a finely ribbed texture, obtained by means of an innovative pressing process that gives the material a soft touch. With its rigorous and elegant geometry, the Taiga finish brings out the beauty of pale tones of oak, or the dark hues of the same wood with an ebony stain. The program, always made to measure, can be configured with suspended parts, wardrobe cabinets, shelves, hinged, two-way and sliding doors, pass-through compartments, open columns and TV stands, with internal or external corners.

Stave by Novamobili

Stave by Novamobili is a wardrobe with a slatted door and curved modules, created for the bedroom zone. The vertical staves of the panels are the focal point of this unit, available in different finishes: veneered oak (gray, pale, honey, earth), canaletto walnut, matte and oxidized lacquer. The curved modules offer solutions that differ in terms of form and size. It is possible, for example, to make a corner wardrobe using the curved angular modules (concave or convex), or a long linear wall with curved end modules. 

L7 Bi-folding by Lualdi, design Piero Lissoni
L7 Bi-folding by Lualdi, design Piero Lissoni

Lualdi concentrates on materials, through the development and application of new finishes and colors for glass, aluminium and wood. The L7 Bi-folding, which represents a further evolution of the iconic L7 family designed by Piero Lissoni, offers hinged doors in the refined Mini Flutes texture, made with grosgrain glass, in a satin bronze color. The borders and handles come in the Titanium version, which adds a touch of elegance and warmth without altering the overall lightness of the product.

Aladin Wall by Glas Italia, design Piero Lissoni

Aladin Wall, which Piero Lissoni has designed for Glas Italia, is a floor-to-ceiling divider partition with an aluminium structure fastened to the floor, ceiling and/or wall. The structure is available in five different finishes, and is equipped with an adjustment system for leveling of the divider, compensating for irregularities of the construction. In the Aladin Wall Duo version the double 5+5 mm glazing is applied on both sides of the aluminium profiles, to form an internal air chamber and to make the surfaces perfectly coplanar on both sides. The transparent “fluted” glass permits partial passage of light while conserving the right level of visual privacy. 

Suit by Albed
Essenze by Effebiquattro

Albed investigates the concept of personalized doors, which evolve beyond the factor of opening to become completely inserted in the wall. The Suit collection, which can be personalized with surfaces in ceramic, marble, wood or any other material, is equipped with a metal frame in which it is possible to insert cladding up to 6 mm in thickness on both sides. 

Essenze is the collection of doors, sliding partitions, paneling and dividers for spaces, created by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez for Effebiquattro: a series of modular solutions with which to personalize domestic spaces, where wood is the absolute protagonist. The Light mood (in the photo), with its young, fresh style, transforms a space into a natural environment, brightened by sunlight, which plays with tenuous tones and materials, like beige, raffia, grosgrain glass, pale oak and Vienna straw.

Bellagio by Viva Porte

Bellagio by Viva Porte is a glass sliding door (right, in the version with crossbars) that becomes a decorative wall in which transparent extra-clear glass meets lava-color borders, creating a linear divider system with rigorous design.

Superfici Venice Collection by Materica, design Tiziano Guardini & Luigi Ciuffreda
Superfici Venice Collection by Materica, design Tiziano Guardini & Luigi Ciuffreda

Materica presents its first collection of paneling, combining art, crafts and technology. Every panel stems from a creative contamination between different types of workmanship and techniques. The metallization, implemented through the fusion and high-speed micronization of pure metals, is matched with oxidation, laser treatment, resin finishing and natural pigments. Superfici Venice Collection, developed under the creative direction of Tiziano Guardini and Luigi Ciuffreda, includes the Lagunare paneling where the metallization and delicate laser finishing trace graphic patterns that suggest a liquid world.