Inda between colors, impressions and reflections

The new layout of the Inda showrooms, designed by Studio Marco Piva, overturns the product-showcase cliché and opts for a formula that asks questions rather than offering answers

Inda showroom, Milan - Photo © Andrea Martiradonna
Inda showroom, Milan - Photo © Andrea Martiradonna

Two vertical palettes of 144 colors that would overjoy any artist, and two horizontal touchscreens on which to immediately start to generate a solution: this is the calling card of Inda, welcoming clients into the space in Milan redesigned by Studio Marco Piva, 380 square meters on two levels. A location that instead of suggesting settings and rapid solutions focuses on the composition of forms and colors.

In the layout, created to also (but not only) have appeal for the professional world of design, the potential of the compositions is immediately perceptible, while the Inda team is ready to offer concrete guidance in study and selection, a central element for the efficiency of a discontinuous space that requires complete but at the same time agile narration.

The 8 display setups (two XL, six of medium size) chosen to summarize the thinking and aesthetics of the company, are enhanced by spatial solutions and forceful technical lighting design by Piva. The chromatic choices run seamlessly through the space, while the walls and mirrors heighten the overall allure.

The walls are not faced in tile but with wallpaper: together with the partner Instabilelab, subjects of high decorative impact have been chosen, as well as patterns with a vivid but softer character. The wallpapers of Instabilelab are made in fiberglass and the resin for their installation is certified and anti-bacterial, providing total safety in areas affected by high levels of humidity, such as the bathroom or outdoor zones.

Inda has paid particular attention (and will continue to do so… new surprises have already been announced, though not unveiled) to the mirrors, inserted in the portfolio of the company last year, after which they have met with outstanding success.

The direction taken by Inda reflects the firm’s dynamism, and the curiosity to explore uncharted territories: a path that takes bath furnishings from the dimension of the décor complement to a leading role in interior design.

Photo © Andrea Martiradonna