Magnolia by Poliform, design Emmanuel Gallina
Magnolia by Poliform, design Emmanuel Gallina

All the discreet elegance of Poliform is summed up in its first Outdoor Collection. A concept that clearly references the style of the company’s indoor settings, while going quite a ways beyond. The new offerings for the open air interpret and foster a bond between human beings, nature and landscape. To this end, the products rely on an aesthetic harmony made of soft lines, natural materials and light volumes. 

Magnolia by Poliform, design Emmanuel Gallina

Ketch by Poliform,
design Jean-Marie Massaud

Land by Poliform

The “outdoor lifestyle” vision of Poliform is thus a return to the roots, an authentic reconnection with the deeper regions of the self and the world. In this perspective, the furnishings are not just functional, enhancing spaces with elegance, but also create locations for experiences, to discover new viewpoints.  

In this personal voyage of exploration of the outdoor dimension, some of the company’s leading designers have been called into play, starting with Jean-Marie Massaud, Emmanuel Gallina, along with Marcel Wanders and Soo Chan. They have applied their talent to the company’s philosophy to give rise to a variegated and versatile collection, generating places for relaxing, gathering, thinking and savoring moments.

Le Club by Poliform, design Jean-Marie Massaud

Ketch by Poliform, design Jean-Marie Massaud

Massaud has taken inspiration from the world of yachting, creating solid, ample volumes for sofas, armchairs and coffee tables. The outcome is the Ketch collection. In all the pieces, the essential, solid structure in iroko wood is completed with lighter profiles, which in the seating products take the form of a back that is flexible like a sail, stretched between the two masts of a ship. 

Emmanuel Gallina has directly observed nature and its organic lines – delicate, sinuous branches, the gentle drifting of a falling leave – recreating them in wood, shaped by the same sense of lightness. This concept, combined with the fine craftsmanship of Poliform, has generated Magnolia, a seating collection (sofas, chairs with and without armrests, cots) in solid iroko wood. There are two available finishes, one pale, the other dark, inspired by Shou Sugi Ban, the Japanese technique that preserves wood through charring, but also by the decorative style of the houses of Cap Ferret

Magnolia by Poliform, design Emmanuel Gallina

Marcel Wanders plays with natural elements like air and light to create a collection that interacts perfectly with them. In Mad Out the key of interpretation is the woven workmanship. The designer has drawn on his iconic Mad collection, adapting its design to an outdoor context, so the soft curves of the seats are enhanced by backs in hand-woven cording. 

Mad Out by Poliform,
design Marcel Wanders

Mad Out by Poliform, design Marcel Wanders

Conserving the typical enveloping comfort of the collection, Mad Out expands its sensorial impact, an effect also achieved by the three-dimensional character of the volcanic stone of the tables that round out the range of offerings. The top, in two different tones depending on the very high firing temperatures, can be enhanced by decoration in glass powder, which creates an interesting contrast between matte and glossy surfaces. 

The theme of weaving returns with harmonious continuity in the Soori Day Lounge, the island of comfort designed by Soo Chan: this daybed with its rounded form and relaxed mood stands out for its enveloping woven back, and the three-dimensional effects of the fabric covers that create a pleasant tactile sensation. With the new Outdoor Collection Poliform continues to explore the potential of design, taking on novel spatial and emotional dimensions. 

Soori Day Lounge by Poliform, design Soo Chan