Cosentino and Patternity for Design Miami 2019

The brand specialized in ultracompact surfaces presents Liquid, the new line designed by the London-based studio of Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham

Anna Murray e Grace Winteringham
Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, co-founders of Patternity

Inspired by natural elements, water, the tides, sustainability. Liquid is the new Dekton ultracompact surface line by Gruppo Cosentino, created in collaboration with the London-based design firm Patternity.

Patternity per Dekton ©Alberto Rojas
Patternity for Dekton ©Alberto Rojas

The collection developed by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham, co-founders of Patternity, will be presented during Design Miami 2019 with a conceptual installation in the Collectors Lounge.

Liquid Sky e Liquid Shell, ©Alberto Rojas
Liquid Sky and Liquid Shell, ©Alberto Rojas

The new line features three different patterns: Liquid Sky, with a whirling marbled cloud-like motif, on a white base with gray veins; Liquid Shell, which reproduces the movements of the tides but also the surface of the moon, with iridescent mother-of-pearl shadings and rippled motifs.

Liquid Embers, ©Alberto Rojas
Liquid Embers, ©Alberto Rojas

Finally, Liquid Embers is a darker, coal-like surface that suggests the magma of the earth and the encounter between two opposing elements, water and fire. The new colors will be available in Italy starting in March 2020 and are applied to surfaces in Dekton, the high-performance maxi-slabs created for the world of architecture and interior design, composed of a blend of glass, porcelain and quartz, over three meters long and in five thicknesses, from 0.4 to 3 centimeters. These surfaces stand up to UV rays, scratching, stains and temperature changes.