An Oasis of elegance in the UAE

Poliform has inaugurated a new flagship store in Dubai, along the exclusive Jumeirah Beach Road. A benchmark in luxury design, it offers the new Outdoor Collection and emphasizes the company’s vision of urban livin

Poliform Dubai

“Located on the prestigious Jumeirah Beach Road, the new Poliform Dubai is set to become a landmark in urban living,” a company spokesperson stated. “Inside, visitors can admire the timeless icons of Poliform, as well as the latest novelties, including our exclusive Outdoor Collection.” The location of the new store is strategic, located in one of the most sought-after areas in Dubai, with a neighborhood of exclusive residences. Poliform Dubai is not just a simple store, but a place of inspiration for a refined and elegant lifestyle. The store’s architecture is a mix of straight and curved lines, full and empty spaces that dialogue with the surrounding landscape, almost in a discreet homage to the morphology of the territory. Inside, the design approach is inspired by the villas of Qatar, with strategically divided environments that create a fascinating play of light and shadow. 

The various floors of the building are connected by a spectacular central staircase, which allows a direct view of the sea. The top floor features a large terrace furnished with pieces from the new Outdoor Collection. The outdoor furnishings are a perfect blend of material research, comfort, and the brand’s distinctive style. The collections of furniture for the living area, night area, and kitchen are distributed over the three floors of the store, in a continuous dialogue with space and architecture. The kitchens, represented in the store by the Alea Pro and Artex models, complete the building’s displays, emphasizing the new trends in living. Complements and furnishings are characterized by a refined design, with soft and faint colors that reflect the brightness of the location and the distinctive lifestyle of Poliform, linked to the concept of timeless elegance.

The new opening strengthens the brand’s presence in the Middle Eastern market, proving to be the trailblazer in the sector of contemporary luxury furniture. With this inauguration, Poliform continues to be a benchmark for elegance in living.