The Sanya Edition, China - Photo © SFAP
The Sanya Edition, China - Photo © SFAP

Client: The Sanya EDITION
Architectural design: Various Associates
Lead designers: Qianyi Lin, Dongzi; YangDesignteam: Jianpeng Liu, Zhichao Lin, Yue Zhang, Shiqi Li
Furnishings: Various Associates and custom-made
Photo credits: SFAP

Under the tree” is the concept that shaped The Sanya EDITION. This welcoming, sophisticated beach club stretches amidst tall, lush coconut trees that were already there, without obstructing the sight of the blue bay of Haitang. By embracing the pure, light appearance of the surroundings and using creative design strategies conveyed through conscious awareness of forms and materials, the architecture firm Various Associates created an experience of leisure, giving shape to an immersive hospitality complex with a natural spirit. The continuous structures of intertwined bamboo are made up of five overlapping tree canopies with various heights and silhouettes.

“Their organic and natural curved profiles merge beautifully into the lush nature. The natural coconut groves and the new structures are scattered around sunken booths. The new structures are connected to the ground through their ‘trunks’ that naturally blend with the preserved plants. The expansive and naturally curvy ‘tree’ canopies bring sufficient protection to the club’s guests, while the space between each canopy unintentionally brings surrounding greenery into the view,” according to the architects.

The result is a comfortable, boundless architectural installation whose spatial rhythm also includes the pool, a site-specific blue piece of relaxation in a scenic composition of harmonious color. The design team chose locally sourced natural materials because they represent the island and can also adapt to climatic conditions.

Natural bamboo and wood were used for the structures, and recycled pebbles form the warm, structured floors, all contributing to a sustainable design. The counter of the main bar was set up in the center of the club. Its circular giant trunk facilitates circulation around it and brings patrons together next to each other or facing each other.