The search for beauty

The new communication campaign of ITA Airways is a tribute to typically Italian beauty and style. Produced by VMLY&R with the support of Google for research on trends

One iconic form recurs throughout the entire short film. It is the easily recognized geometric figure of the search bar of a search engine, to kick off the new brand campaign of ITA Airways, alongside the new platform “A SKY FULL OF ITALY.” The image sets the pace of a short film, associated with a multitude of symbolic places and elements related to our country. The new message launched by the Italian airline thus puts the concept of “search” at the center of its concept, conducted by consumers – on a practical level – by using the search bar as the starting point for travels. On a deeper level, this implies the search for new experiences, which guides the consumer towards new destinations.

Created by VMLY&R, the brand campaign has involved the help of Google to provide fundamental insights regarding the main search trends from abroad that are linked to Italy. The terms are style, hospitality, warmth, good food, care and comfort, reflecting the primary desires of foreign and Italian travelers, also regarding what they expect to find on board when flying with ITA. These values are explored in the short by Francesco Calabrese, for a perfect representation of excellent national characteristics.

A sky full of Italy by ITA Airways 03
A sky full of Italy by ITA Airways 04
A sky full of Italy by ITA Airways 05
A sky full of Italy by ITA Airways 06
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Starting with places like Piazza Navona in Rome, the Salone delle Fontane (an iconic location for the film The Great Beauty), Villa Parisi, the resort of Antonello Colonna furnished by Lema, the Teatro Unione of Viterbo, but also natural landscapes like the Three Peaks of Lavaredo in the Trentino (UNESCO heritage site) and the hills of Chianti in Tuscany. Style takes the form of garments by Giorgio Armani, and the décor complements of the companies of design Made in Italy. Art comes into play with a work by the Italian artist Francesco Igory Deiana, who lives and works in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and is known for his painstaking, extensive creations in which mutable sensations are conveyed by the expressive force of gestural strokes.

“Assigning value to Italian excellence has been the criterion guiding the production of the whole project – says Giovanni Perosino, Chief Marketing Officer of ITA Airways – from the directing choices to the music, the locations to the creation of partnerships capable of expressing all this to the fullest. Everything is centered in the uniqueness of Italy, our country’s areas of excellence, which we are proud to take all over the world, flying with ITA Airways.” And he adds: “The central focus on the client and the value of Made in Italy has enabled us to achieve excellent results this summer: an average load factor of 84%, with peaks of 87% for intercontinental travel, and over 4.2 million passengers served.”