Twins by Emu, Design Sebastian Herkner
Twins by Emu, Design Sebastian Herkner

A balance between international spirit and culture Made in Italy, a growing focus on sustainability and ongoing research on advanced materials. EMU has a strong tendency to innovate in its DNA, combined with a concept of comfort and elegance. The objective is to make harmonious products, in a perfect combination of design and technology. Starting with extreme attention to detail, versatility of use and an aesthetic quality that is never an end in itself. The results emerge in the new Twins, Reel, Terra and Camaleon projects, based on experimentation with multiple natural, sustainable materials.

Twins arises from the established synergy between the brand and the designer Sebastian Herkner, a collection composed of a chair, an armchair, a lounge chair and sofas ready for personalization, joined by teak tables of various sizes. Ideal for dining and lounge areas, the models are sinuous and enveloping, with a concept that goes beyond the physical nature of the material, eliminating barriers between indoor and outdoor settings. EMU offers the items in two versions, in 100% FSC teak or in teak and aluminium.

Terra by Emu, Design LCM Marin design studio, Tami by Emu, Design Patrick Norguet

Terra by Emu, Design LCM Marin design studio – Tami by Emu, Design Patrick Norguet

Reel by Emu, Design Pio & Tito Toso

Reel by EMU, Design Pio & Tito Toso

The same intrinsic and unexpected lightness can be seen in Reel, designed by Pio & Tito Toso, a comfortable rocking sofa with a dual character, capable of transforming to a large daybed, thanks to the adjustable back. Sinuous, like the cradling effect of waves, it combines solidity and refinement in a structure of steel tubing and expanded sheet metal. The cushions come in a wide range of fabrics. Formal and elegant, Reel can be completed with an adjustable parasol that lets the light enter delicately; the series also includes a pocket in eco-leather for storage. But it also pairs perfectly with the practical coffee tables from the Yard collection, made of aluminum.

Finally, as a precious element that adds character to any space, Terra is a folding director’s chair complete with footrest, created by LCM Marin design studio. The sturdy seat is in EMU-tex, the back in eco-leather. The combination of design and functionality brings personality to dining and living areas, culminating in the Camaleon collection, the modular system designed by Andreucci & Hoisl. By mixing different elements (easily disassembled) in teak or sheet metal, planters, storage units, partitions or countertops are created to enrich open-air living.

Terra by Emu, Design LCM Marin design studio

Terra by EMU, Design LCM Marin design studio

Terra by Emu, Design LCM Marin design studio

Camaleon by EMU, Design Andreucci & Hoisl; Twins by EMU, Design Sebastian Herkner

Thanks to the combination of technology and automation, craftsmanship and a vision of the future, EMU offers a collection of great innovative power, with timeless furnishings that mix personalization with respect for the environment, reflected in the program of installing its first photovoltaic system to power the company with green energy.