Workplace3.0. The workplace becomes an incitement for creativity

“Offices in the future will be evolving, unconventional spaces. They will continuously transform and generate new ideas”. With this statement Michela De Lucchi condenses the last tendency of conceiving an office. This space has been experiencing the most radical changes in terms of style and concept – with respect to home living. A sample of this formal evolution has been given by Biennale Workplace 3.0, whose name itself (connected with the original Salone Ufficio)  clearly shows an evolution towards an open, digital and integrated system.

A direct embodiment of architect De Lucchi's reflection, La Passeggiata is a fundamental element for the Office pavilions (22-24). La Passeggiata is a metaphor on the importance of walking, of physical – and thus intellectual – movement.

The office, in its entirety, becomes a place rich with stimulating feelings, considering a whole set of different spaces: a reception, a kitchen, a meeting room, green areas and even a path to reach the actual workspace. The installation is hence set on four different thematic areas, reflecting the hypothesis drawn by the Italian designer: the Club, a place for welcoming guests and interacting with people, a platform to communicate in an informal environment. Open offices guarantee any sort of working procedure, but also conviviality. Instead, Uomini Liberi is a space for developing ideas and competence, perfectly balanced between individual creativity and collective potential. Then, Agorà is a specifically conceived pavilion, suitable to host various types of gathering (conferences, presentations, expositions, performances…): the perfect place for increasing the sense of community. Finally, Laboratorio is where the creative process comes to actual life: there documents, presentations, softwares and apps are concretely put into effect. A place for learning hand-work skills, for disclosing the secrets of new tools, for inventing and building. An important role is also played by the green area surrounding the whole installation, a living garden which offers health and wellness to the users.