Valtur Gallipoli Beach Resort, Italy
Valtur Gallipoli Beach Resort, Italy

The Valtur Gallipoli Beach Resort is slated for completion in 2024, a 5-star facility that represents the second stage of a program of properties based on the perspective of the Italian lifestyle, where guests are immersed in the atmosphere of the place for an authentic experience of sustainable luxury. “The resort, currently in a phase of restyling, stands in a particularly beautiful natural location on the Salento coast: adjacent to the pine groves of Rivabella, a locality north of Gallipoli, offering direct access to the beach,” says Giuseppe Pagliara, CEO of Gruppo Nicolaus.

The set-up of the 122 guestrooms and shared spaces has been entrusted to the architecture firm De.Tales, specialized in the sectors of hospitality and luxury residences. The project has been developed with sophisticated travelers in mind, people who want to explore the local ethno-cultural heritage without sacrificing vacation privacy.

“We have shaped this project to allow guests to enjoy a cultural experience,” says Giuseppe Varsavia, co-founder of the studio, together with Igor Ribosio. The project by De.Tales has the virtue of providing a different interpretation of the style and image of Puglia, through the transposition of traditional cultural features into an unusual contemporary version. “The internal space planning has been reorganized with an accent on local culture, but without indulging in vernacular styling,” the designer continues.


The typical language of architecture in Puglia has been reinterpreted in a contemporary way thanks to the dematerialization of the original lines, generating a game of full and empty zones. The rhythm of the spaces is enhanced by the choice of pale colors for the interiors, in harmony with the exterior thanks to skillful deployment of greenery, treated not as merely ornamental but also as a structural component.

Shaped around the idea of zenithal lighting, natural sunshine becomes a fundamental feature in the lobby, entering through a deep cut in the ceiling. Another crucial factor is the position of the large swimming pool, complementary to the beach, while the rooftop becomes a key zone in the overall experience. “We have taken sand from the beach to place on the rooftop, to create an emotional continuum,” the architect explains.

The immersion in Italian lifestyle is rounded out by a range of gastronomical offerings, with an accent on fine dining and on proposals connected with the evolution of new ways of life. The exclusive character of the place also extends to the area of beverages, thanks to collaboration with Gruppo Campari and its iconic brands, accompanying guests throughout their stay, from aperitifs to after-dinner drinks.