Ask the sand by Vittorio Bongiorno
Ask the sand by Vittorio Bongiorno

Making its world premiere at the Biografilm Festival in Bologna on 14 June, ASK THE SAND narrates the journey of a father and son in search of the city-utopia of Arcosanti, the city of the future built in 1970 in the Arizona desert by the Italian architect Paolo Soleri (1919-2013), a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. Soleri is one of the most important but neglected figures of the 20th century, explored with the fresh gaze of an aspiring architect open to what is happening in the world, and to what each of us can do to improve it.

Paolo Soleri with students - Photo © Orlando Cabanban
Paolo Soleri with students – Photo © Orlando Cabanban

“How does one live in a utopia? How is it possible to live in Arcosanti, in the middle of the desert? Why has only 5% of Arcosanti been built? Why do students and architects from all over the world visit Arcosanti, but only a few remain there? Is Arcosanti a failure or a dream? In these voyage we will ask lots of questions, and we will listen to the magical sound of the desert. This little film is a birthday gift for a son who is becoming a man. From the sand of the desert, I ask nothing more than to grant us this beauty.” Vittorio Buongiorno

Ask the sand by Vittorio Bongiorno
Ask the sand by Vittorio Bongiorno 03
Ask the sand by Vittorio Bongiorno 04
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Produced by: Giangiacomo De Stefano & Vittorio Bongiorno
Written and directed by: Vittorio Bongiorno
Director of photography: Nicola Cavalazzi
Cast: Hanne Sue Kirsh, Tim Bell, Mary Hoadley, Paolo Soleri, Mario Cucinella, Giulio Bongiorno
Editing: Angelica Gentilini
Original music: Giulio Bongiorno, Vittorio Bongiorno
Soundtrack: Calexico, Naim Amor & John Convertino, Joachim Cooder
Cameramen: Nicola Cavalazzi, Vittorio Bongiorno
Post-production: Lorenzo Capurro
Production: Sonne Film & Milk Korowa Film
With the support of: Emilia Romagna Film Commission, Farm Cultural Park, SkyArte Genre: biographical documentary
Year: 2023
Country: Italy
Time: 72 minutes
Language: Italian, English