A natural calling

Immersed in the splendid landscape of the Berawa coast in Bali, Atlas Beach Fest keeps faith with its finest characteristics. Also thanks to the materials selected by CNS Works Design, like the stone-effect surfaces of Atlas Concorde

Atlas Beach Fest, Tibubeneng, Bali
Atlas Beach Fest, Tibubeneng, Bali

A universe of nature, for entertainment and lifestyle: Atlas Beach Fest is the largest beach club in Bali (26,000 sqm), where the local identity merges with an international audience. The force of the surrounding nature, with its endless horizons of sea and vegetation, remains intact in this settlement on the Berawa coast.

The studio CNS Works Design has paid close attention to the spatial and material organization, avoiding invasive factors and establishing harmony with the context. At the entrance, for example, a large waterfall is utilized as a spectacular wing, leading guests into an area that conveys a sense of peace and relaxation. The surfaces surrounding the swimming pool feature rows of sunbeds, relying on the charisma of stone-effect slabs from the porcelain stoneware collection of Atlas Concorde. 

The Norde series accurately reproduces the natural roughness of the original stone, thanks to the luminosity and infinite chromatic variations of quartzite – a metamorphic stone composed of a mixture of quartz and minerals – and gneiss, an ancient stone typical of the Alps. The stoneware forms a connection with the other materials of the tableau, such as wood or the refined fabrics utilized on the Indonesian canopy beds.

The four colors of Norde have allowed the designers to shape the chromatic setting in great detail, choosing the most suitable variants for the natural context: from the magnesium color to ivory with its warm touches, from intense gold with a gray-sand dominant to platinum, a luminous pale gray with silvery highlights, all the way to lead, which approaches the dark gray of the primordial tones of quartzite and gneiss.

This aesthetic versatility is matched by the technical and performance advantages of porcelain stoneware: resistance to wear, healthful characteristics, prevention of slipping, and easy maintenance.