Interview with Igor Sirotov

Architect Sirotov, let’s start talking about Ukraine, a country that has rcently passed through difficult periods, but still remains a benchmark for the interior market. If you should take stock of the situation – also related to your job – what would you say about it?

Despite of difficult times Ukraine went often through, people have never missed the hope in the future. Everyone still needs to have houses and Ukrainians like to buy flats and project interior solutions. In many sector of our economy lots of changes occurred but the market of interior design has not been affected too much.

Your design studio is also working beyond the Ukrainian borders which is not easy considering the great number of competitors. What’s your recipe for that?

There is no recipe. I create projects with my own style and try to do my best every day. Competitors are many, I agree. But similar to me not so many. I simply put something new in any work I approach.

The style of your firm is really design-oriented, in a geographical area that still loves classic and contemporary. Is anything changing?

My style is still connected to modern minimalism, with natural materials and few colors, but my tastes have changed a bit over time. These changes can be seen in various projects. With the individual needs of each client some design elements can vary. Every year people seem to appreciate a more modern and minimal design.

Do you have contacts with the world of furniture trade in your Country? If yes, what do you think about it?

We work with different companies across Ukraine, most often to produce kitchens sofas and plumbing solutions. In Ukraine many young people are good at creating modern-day furnitures or lighting. They have good working conditions and use seveal different materials. The quality of products is becoming better and better.

What projects are you working on at the moment? Could you anticipate something about them? Are Italian furniture companies involved?

Now we are working on several projects of residential interiors that are at different stages. Yes, we often select Italian companies for our business partnership: Paola Lenti, Living Divani and Arflex, Kristalia tables and chairs, Valcucine, Minotti and Boffi kitchens, Mutina and Laminam floorings, NIC design plumbing, CEA and Agape and more.