BertO: out in the open

Sounds is the outdoor collection that completes the already remarkable portfolio of offerings from the company based in Meda

Sounds collection by BertO, design Castello Lagravinese
Sounds collection by BertO, design Castello Lagravinese

The name tells a story, a story of Sounds: because Filippo Berto, deciding to create an outdoor collection for his family business, takes his cue from a mixture of rhythm & blues and rock’n’roll. The names of the new products are taken from the titles of the revolutionary album by the Beach Boys in 1966, Pet Sounds.

A collection to experience, listening to its unusual narrative full of novel impressions, in a marketing approach that comes from instinct, speaks to the heart, travels through the brain and reaches a market where outdoor furniture has become an indispensable topic, fully in line with the philosophy of BertO.

Imagination and fantasy, but also plenty of substance. This is the approach that has allowed Filippo Berto, a “digital man,” to revolutionize his family company in just a few years, creating a business model that works, ready to be observed and studied.

Sounds is an open-air collection, simple but refined, even in the smallest details. Created in collaboration with a long-term design partner, Castello Lagravinese, Sounds is driven by the rounded shapes of the 1950s, with seven light products that can be utilized in a garden, but also on a residential terrace.

In this lightness, the protagonists are transparencies: there are no “solid” structures, just furnishings where light and space can filter across in a natural way. They lend themselves to “indoor-outdoor” use, a feature much in demand on the market. Brian, Caroline, John B, Bruce, Carl, CJ and Jackie (seats, tables of different sizes) invade the outdoor stage to perform a new score in the repertoire of design.