Giopagani, a gallery space in Brera

A new opening in the historical heart of Milan for the brand founded by Giovanni Pagani. A place dedicated to creativity and design

Giopagani Gallery, Milan
Giopagani Gallery, Milan

Giopagani, a brand born in 2015 from the inventiveness of Giovanni Pagani and dedicated to the world of interior design, opens its first studio-gallery in the heart of Brera, in Milan, a district that over the years has become a hub dedicated to high-end furniture.

The space has three windows overlooking via San Marco, where the canal of the same name flowed until 1929. It is the ancient heart of the city, full of history. The environment has been conceived as a neutral, clear container, designed to highlight the objects that will be chosen to inhabit it over time.

A place to display the brand’s capsule collections and, at the same time, to provide architectural and interior design services. Carrying forward Pagani’s aesthetic signature, which reinterprets inspirations and forms of the design masters of the mid-20th century in a personal mix that combines the at the same time enhances the cultural dimension of design, with its wealth of stylistic and historical references, and the value of traditional techniques and craftsmanship.

“Mine is a creativity free from standardised production systems, a research journey through aesthetics and technique that leads to the discovery of unique materials,” explains the designer/entrepreneur. “Each product in the collection has an inspiration, its own story that gives it soul and identity. And that gives those who experience it the chance to know its meaning, to understand what its shape and material encompasses.”