Feel collection by Ceramiche Refin proposed in this interior in Sage colour in Matt finish, in sizes 120x120 and 115x120

All the contemporary appeal of concrete, combined with the strength of porcelain stoneware: a challenge Refin has met in the new Feel collection, which brings out the character of a concrete-effect surface, with its textures and materiality accurately reproduced with ceramic materials.
Feel is convincing due to its original interpretation of the concept of concrete. The surface has an apparently uniform and compact look, but it also reveals delicate cloudy, halo-like effects that offer a glimpse of all the force of the material. Tighter or looser grain alternates with zones of stillness, creating a slight dynamism that enhances the product with a sense of depth and material character.

In neutral colours, Feel offers Warm beige, here in a glossy finish, in the 120×120 format, and Matt in the 30×60 format

Available outdoors, the Feel collection in Light grey, in the Strutturato finish and in White, in a glossy finish

Also ideal for retail spaces, the Feel series is offered here in Light grey, in 60×120 format, in both Matt and Strutturato finishes

Combining the effect of concrete – the industrial material par excellence – with the precious quality of a rich, visually variegated surface, the Feel series in porcelain stoneware provides a wide range of formats for both indoor and outdoor use.

The company offers five color schemes: from the neutral nuances of White, Light and Dark Gray and warm Beige, to the original hue of Sage Green, where the accentuated tone adds expressive impact to spaces.

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A constant in contemporary design is to seek integrated solutions in which the fading effect of the boundary between interior and exterior gives a sense of visual continuity

The Feel collection comes in this living room in Lucido finish, with a glossy effect that recalls the charm of other materials

There are three available finishes: Matt, combining a soft touch with optimal skid-proofing; Strutturato, for a more forceful material effect that combines the image of raw concrete with impressions still pleasing to the touch; and Lucido, the finish that takes the interpretation of the surface to extremes, for a glossy effect that suggests the charm of other materials.

The range is completed by Layers, a special pattern developed by the tile designers of Ceramiche Refin to add dynamism to surfaces. Thanks to the overlapping installation, the product alternates slats of different sizes and surfaces, in a skillful mixture of finishes that combines Matt surfaces with the added material appeal of Strutturato.

Layers is a decoration that, thanks to the cantilever laying in which strips of different sizes and surfaces alternate, gives dynamism to the surface 

Among the finishes, Strutturato is the one with the strongest material effect, combining the aesthetics of raw concrete with a tactile appearance

Declined in one of the two greys that make up the colour palette, in this case Light, it is presented here in the 60×60 format

Like all the porcelain stoneware offered by Ceramiche Refin, the Feel collection features high technical standards. Strong and durable, the Feel series is hygienic, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and easy to clean. It is also flameproof, safe and eco-sustainable, because it is made of natural raw materials, making it 100% recyclable.