Sit by Bross, Design Marco Zito
Sit by Bross, Design Marco Zito

Sit by Bross, Design Marco Zito

For smart working or smart living, the collections by Bross enter these fluid dimensions with an open, informal character. The key of interpretation of their design lies precisely in this concept of ‘smartness,’ sought in every context of life today – private, social or professional – reinterpreted and applied to the new offerings of the company. In particular, the Sit lounge seating (a new development for Bross) and the wide-ranging Wam collection. Upholstered décor elements that respond to the functional complexity of spaces that are increasingly heterogeneous, with a clear, modern and effective language. In short, passkeys for today’s interior design.

Sit is a comfortable chair with a shell on just two sides: the open segment is completed by a side table attached to the metal structure. The result is a flexible object, enveloping thanks to is padding shaped for maximum ergonomic efficacy, ready for customizing thanks to the wide range of fabrics and leathers in the company’s catalogue.

Wam, on the other hand, is a family of seating and complements created by the architect Marco Zito: lounge seating in various configurations, benches and coffee tables for free configurations. The concept of the project is summed up in its name, an acronym for “Wait a Minute”: while the collection can establish a perfect dialogue with the residential context, it brings out all its potential in spaces for waiting and relaxing – the hall of a hotel, a room in a museum, but also offices, restaurants, lounges. In spite of the ‘urban metropolitan’ style displayed in the metal base with a black or brushed bronze finish, the upholstered items have ample volumes, in the shell and the padded portions.

Wam collection by Bross,
Design Marco Zito

As in the Wam chair and bergère, where the sense of enveloping comfort is conveyed by the sinuous headrest (in the same finish or with contrasting fabric), and is emphasized in the bergère: here the back culminates in a curved band with unusual proportions, which generates a soft embrace while offering support in convivial situations, or protection against noise.

The collection also contains the Wam bench, in two sizes, where the padded seat has a cover featuring decorative stitching. The character of lightness of form is boosted by the possibility of inserting a small table (with a top in black Fenix, and a support base in black lacquer or brushed bronze), offering an ideal complement for any activities of leisure or work.