S•CAB showroom, Coccaglio, Italy
S•CAB showroom, Coccaglio, Italy

It’s always interesting to observe cases of excellence Made in Italy, stemming from family histories that have gained a reputation in the world. Those episodes of life, passion and commitment continue to surprise us, chapter after chapter, sustained by rare intelligence capable of renewal without compromising legacies and values. S•CAB is one of the virtuous entrepreneurial models that has continued across various generations. Always with an eye on the future, for 60 years. The company’s mission continues to progress in the present, leading to expansion in the area of indoor and outdoor furniture and complements for contract and residential applications, always driven by attention to detail, aesthetic flair and technological evolution.

The story has now led to the creation of a new showroom and the restyling of the offices, both inside the headquarters at Coccaglio, Brescia. The project has been designed by the architect Luca Piatti and coordinated by Luisa Battaglia, art director and co-owner of the firm, to bring essential improvements and to boost functional quality.

The design of the showroom space (600 sqm) focuses on the industrial image of the architecture, therefore eliminating any added infrastructures or decorative chromatic effects. The vaulted ceilings and structural tie-rods remain intact and visible, while the large windows with iron frames line the perimeter. The facility includes a freight elevator and resin floors. Even the physical plant systems have been left on view, entirely upgraded to the latest generation.

The showroom is a space of extreme material impact, paced by large platforms – raw metal structures in neutral tones – to display the multifaceted production of S•CAB. Open islands in an overall setting in which to also place a display set aside for historic creations, a lounge area with panoramic windows, a large meeting room and a bar-service area. The back of the large panel positioned at the center of the space conceals an accessorized cabinet for samples, with an area featuring the many design awards the company has received in recent years.

The offices also have a rational arrangement, organized in different zones: the operative offices are along the perimeter, while spaces for greater privacy are placed at the center. The main features are again the furnishings of the brand, demonstrating their exceptional versatility. Visitors can experience the Lisa Sofà and Lisa Lounge models, with a more decorative look; the Lady B Pop and Lisa chairs around the Squid or Tiffany tables, for specific workspace solutions; and the Dress_Code chaise longue for moments of relaxation.

The total look of the industrial facility, also captured in a photographic narrative extending from black and white images from 1957 to shots made in 2023, is not the only source of pride for the company. Recently, S•CAB has joined the ranks of the Special Register of Historic Trademarks of National Interest, under the aegis of the Italian Patent and Trademark Office of the Ministry of Economic Development, to recognize excellent manufacturers and their historical ties to the territory.

Francesca Battaglia, sales director and co-owner of the firm, emphasizes: “This is the outcome of three generations, of a family that has learned, from the founder Francesco Battaglia, how to work with passion and with faith in the future, to constantly develop Italian know-how.” And it is also “an opportunity to renew our vigor and enthusiasm to continue our progress, thanks to collaborations with highly acclaimed designers.”