Ceramiche Refin’s move towards decoration

‘Tactile’ is the adjective that best conveys the sense of Twist, Ceramiche Refin’s new collection presented at Refin Studio’s Sala del Camino in the heart of Brera, a space designed by Sottsass Associati in the ’90s. ‘The Secret Tale of Ceramics’ is the title of the installation that Refin has prepared for Milan Design Week, a title that communicates the potential of this inherently pure material, which was created primarily as a technical material, but can also have new applications in interior design, both for residential and contract projects.

The new collection, which always stays faithful to shades of gray and beige – one of the company’s hallmarks – confirms Refin’s distinctive style and adds further variants, starting with brick red, which – as marketing director Paolo Cesana explained – is the result of a careful study of color trends.

The collaboration with Arianna lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto, the founders of Studiopepe, has resulted in a collection that can be divided into two families: Tailor and Tatami with 5 color variants.

Grès becomes a fabric, creating endless possibilities for vertical applications.

Ceramiche Refin is a company that has built its success over the years by focusing on international markets (which account for the greater part of its revenue), concentrating on trade and above all, the design world. Twist, with its innovative material and selection of colors and textures, enriches Refin’s product catalog for the finishes market, which is always looking for new solutions.