Madrid: Marazzi opens its first flagship showroom 

In the city center, the project created by ACPV Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel has an area of 300 square meters

Marazzi Showroom, Madrid – Photo © Studio Bonus courtesy of Marazzi
Marazzi Showroom, Madrid – Photo © Studio Bonus courtesy of Marazzi

A famous signature for a project in Madrid, in line with the philosophy of Marazzi, an international leader in the design and production of ceramics and stoneware, with two production facilities in Spain at Castellon de la Plana: the international studio ACPV Architects Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

The 300 square meters on two levels in the new flagship showroom of the brand – its first in the Spanish capital – face onto the very central Calle Serrano and Calle Juan Bravo, displaying the vast collection of ceramic surfaces by Marazzi.

“There is a sort of magic in Marazzi’s research,” says Patricia Viel. “Technology and creativity transform a raw material into surfaces that suggest ancient workmanship, precious marble, inlays, mosaics and three-dimensional structures. Precisely in order to convey this alchemy, the showroom becomes the library of a collector, a Wunderkammer of colors and materials, a souk of carpets, a labyrinth of zones in a visual sequence that is always different, always surprising.” 

The showroom welcomes visitors into a convivial space, The Welcoming Room, designed in keeping with the Living Kitchen concept, where the compositional versatility of the large stoneware slabs establishes dialogue with the vibrant luminescence of the Crogiolo collections in small format, putting areas and functions into connection around the kitchen.

A pathway of thematic spaces underscores the precious quality of the materials: from the slabs in large format, hung like precious Persian carpets, to the museum shelving used to display the smaller pieces, in a boundless array of finishes, structures and colors, each item treated as an object of great value, unique and impossible to duplicate.

“Our desire,” says Mauro Vandini, CEO of Gruppo Marazzi, “is for professionals and clients in Madrid to enter a welcoming but also singular and evocative space, where they can discover the most modern applications of the stylistic research and technology of Marazzi, famous all over the world. Spain is a second home for Marazzi, containing two avant-garde factories that produce some of the most exclusive product lines, like the antibacterial floors and decorative facings in large formats.”

The partners that have collaborated on the creation of the showroom include worldwide design leaders like Signature Kitchen Suite – also providing the large appliances, the vanishing induction hob in the worktop clad in Travertino Classico stoneware from The Top collection of large slabs – and then Sovet, Gessi and Ideal Standard.

All photos © Studio Bonus courtesy of Marazzi