Dr. Marcel and Mr. Wanders land in the US

To the cry of “A Life Extraordinary!” here is the descent of the Dutch designer to the field in the American capital with all the energy that is able to express.
Many environments told as they were the frames of a theatrical scene, joined together with a sense of luxury that is in stops and starts almost accessible, a feast of colors for many atmospheres, harmonized in a path strongly marked by the Microsculptures of the photography star Levon Biss.
Residential and hospitality share spaces, but there are no boundaries because contamination is one of Wanders’ code words, both in design and in the interior.

The first time Moooi in the bedroom, the new collection of bright sources by FrankTjepkema, Rick Tegelaar, Edward van Vliet and of course Wanders, Luca Nichetto’s sitting, the Boutique Horizon sofa and the irresistible Boutique Botero sofa (it couldn’t have a better name), new carpet collections signed by Kit Miles and American artist Neal Peterson and that’s not all. A true return to the origins of Moooi, a company born to be rebellious, countercurrent and nonconformist, provocative and irreverent.

‘A Life Extraordinary’ –  Moooi Showroom –  36 E. 31st Street (Park + Madison), May 19/22