MO Bakery House, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
MO Bakery House, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Award: Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2022, Best Middle East & Africa Restaurant 
Photo credits: courtesy of Masquespacio

The client, Rightgrain, wanted the baked goods to be the main attraction of MO, presented in the space as jewels with authentic and renewable flavors. The concept was developed from the idea of water as the element which is the base of bakery products and coffee. At the same time water can create magic and life, can distort reality and change our point of views, which is the perfect matching point with MO’s philosophy to do things different.

The space is divided into 3 different realms. We first have the “liquid state”, where the dough is mixed with water and which is the connection point of all areas of MO’s interior. In the bar zone a huge waterfall is recreated to make clear that the bar with its delicious products for sale is the central point of the space.

In the “solid state” or “ice” area a huge series of lamps represent ice, while next to it some gigantic bulbs showcase the “gaseous state” as a series of fire bulbs to represent the moment when the pastry is baked in the oven.  A grey and white color palette has been chosen with metallic finishes for the tables and fabrics to generate reflections that create the distortion that could be made by water.