Terme di Sirmione flagship store, Sirmione, Italy
Terme di Sirmione flagship store, Sirmione, Italy

Architecture: Iosa Ghini Associati
Furniture: custom made by Ramiro
Lighting: iGuzzini
Floors: Innovative Surface

The concept is based on a few interior design elements, a dominant color and nimble use of lighting. This has been sufficient for the architect Massimo Iosa Ghini to create a complete brand experience for Terme di Sirmione inside the company’s new flagship store. An immersive path – in terms of atmosphere, sensory perceptions and spatial layout – guides visitors into the store recently opened in the center of Sirmione, at Piazza Castello, in the center of the city facing Lake Garda. The connection with water is immediately perceptible, emphasized by the architect Iosa Ghini at the highest levels of expressive impact.

Liquid design, of organic, fluid forms in an area of about 80 sqm. While the concept links back to a constant in the architect’s work, always in pursuit of ergonomic and sensorial comfort, there is also the constant flow of water, with its action to shape materials. Carried along by the current, as it were, visitors move around the central ’island’ of the main desk, sampling the benefits of the hot spring water and mud of Terme di Sirmione. All around them, shelves display cosmetic and personal care products.

A precise choice of colors contributes to this game of references to the natural world: different shades of blue coat the surfaces of the space, from floor to walls, developing a welcoming alcove punctuated only by touches of copper – for the architectural details and the lettering of the displays. LED lighting (relying on fixtures by iGuzzini) in distinctive tones of blue combines a clear function of framing the spatial perimeter with a color therapy effect for regeneration and wellness.

“Technical lighting has always been a very important factor in our projects, and it has been emphasized in recent years – the architect explains. – The essential space of the store in Sirmione, made of a few elements (shelving and a central fountain built into the architecture), is enhanced by the lighting, with the possibility of activating three different scenarios of LED lighting.”

Water and the blue tones are just two of the four key factors that have guided Massimo Iosa Ghini in the design of the store. They are joined by: “The city of Sirmione, an Italian location with clear appeal for tourism: we have worked on the logo, which represents the skyline of the city”; and “the mud, which indicates a bond with the territory, the city and the hot springs, leading to the idea of the flask, a symbolic but also functional objects, specially designed to gather and experience this substance.”

The new flagship store in Sirmione is the first in a series of stores for Terme di Sirmione, all designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, as places “where the purchase of products becomes a ritual of wellbeing.”