Trame collection by DA A, Design Angeletti Ruzza
Trame collection by DA A, Design Angeletti Ruzza

They transmit the decorative richness of fabrics, of weaves whose patterns generate hypnotic surface motifs. But instead of the softness of cloth, they bring the sturdy consistency of metal, and the intricacies of weaving are replaced by the accuracy of laser cutting. Surprising in visual and tactile terms, the complements of the Trame collection by DA A, designed by Angeletti Ruzza, are original in both their composition and their materials.

Not by chance, we can glimpse the DNA of the company, with roots in metal and mechanical industries: workmanship involving bending, welding, finishing, now interpreted in contemporary design and décor products. The nature of DA A lies precisely in this handmade approach to production, combined with modern technological solutions, to give rise to small and large interior design elements.

The strictly masculine, rational vision typical of metals, however, has been transformed through a delicate, harmonious design approach, which clearly reveals the feminine presence inside the company, that of the project manager Bruna Taurino and the art director Anna Laneve.

The ideal of a solid structure that incorporates the feminine mystique is also transposed in Trame: poufs in different sizes form a collection of curved, sinuous lines, intense colors and enveloping character. Metal, utilized as the main material, offers a perception of extraordinary lightness thanks to the laser cutting and calendering: the surface takes on rhythmical geometric or floral motifs, parsed across the structure on two levels. The base, with its cantilevered effect, thus seems even more airy, culminating in the top, which can also host a practical cushion for greater seating comfort.

A lively range of colors – from red to violet to cobalt blue – covers the complements, enhancing the decorative patterns and making the furnishings true protagonists of both indoor and outdoor settings. Thanks to the strong, durable raw material, this collection is also ideal for scenarios en plein air.