Totò by Riflessi
Totò by Riflessi

Innovation and functional quality, style and aesthetic impact. This is the philosophy behind Totò, a floor lamp with an original design and a built-in tray. The new Riflessi creation is a lamp-table in lively colors, designed to bring personality to any space, and to celebrate one of the year’s most magical moments – the holiday season – as seen in the versions with gold and bright red finishes. 

To provide a high degree of personalization and a wide range of hues, it is possible to add a ceramic top with mineral-effect finishes, ranging from white statuary marble to Calacatta Oro, Noir Desir to blue sodalite and Burgundy green.

Totò is a decorative piece with a dual function, a lamp and a tabletop envisioned for living areas and reading corners, positioned beside armchairs or other seating. With its elegant dynamism, it becomes a detail that responds perfectly to the needs of new approaches to living spaces.

Today it is impossible to overlook the concept of extreme versatility in the home, where every space has to be updated for new needs: an intimate, private refuge that reflects the personal taste and identity of the inhabitants, but is also ready to adapt, becoming an ideal setting for work or virtual meetings, without compromising in terms of comfort and design.

Riflessi has emphasized this concept in its production, offering modern complements based on a soft minimalism that adds character to any home. Through clean lines and a simplicity that is synonymous with great mastery and eye-catching attention to detail, the company applies the high quality of Made in Italy with its principles of craftsmanship, functionality and taste, for a result that stays in step with new trends while keeping faith with the brand’s unique stylistic flair.

Photo © Lorenzo Pennati