The close bond between workmanship and territory, an inextricable unity that points to a specific productive landscape and unfolds in the use of materials, techniques and tools connected to the local supply chain. Twils is something like a tree, taking care of what it produces and what exists around it, with solid roots but also a skyward gaze when required. The gaze extends to a mobile horizon of experimentation with forms and trends, deeply connected to the “culture of making” and its intrinsic characteristic of combining creative abilities with the values of production firmly rooted in craftsmanship.

The historic Veneto-based company, which has produced textile beds – coordinated with bedding and complements – and sofas for over 30 years, has called on Matteo Ragni to act as art director of its division of upholstered furnishings for the living area.

The new Better Living catalogue is full of proposals for armchairs and sofas, with an eye on durability and long-term values: aesthetic research, functional performance, high-quality materials and details. Better Living that sounds like a manifesto for those who seek relaxation, multifunctional innovation and style.

New protagonists of the living area, from reissues to new creations

Twils pays homage to Achille Castiglioni with the ironic Polet armchair-bed, an icon of style and function created in 1992 and reissued by the company for the latest FuoriSalone in 2021. With a structure in black lacquered solid beech and a brass joint that allows the back to recline in four different positions, the convertible Polet can be used as a seat, a chaise longue or a cot.

Polet by Twils, Design Achille Castiglioni

As Vilma Carnieletto, co-owner and director of communication of the company, explains, “Polet expresses and sums up all the principles of our brand: it is an armchair that becomes a bed, comfortable and functional, designed with pure, forceful lines. Above all, it has a textile component that lends itself to interpretation with elegance and creativity, as in the Twils tradition.”

T-Pad by Twils, Design Matteo Ragni - Photo © Max Rommel
T-Pad by Twils, Design Matteo Ragni - Photo © Max Rommel

T-PAD is mutable like time, but with timeless design: a system of seating components with completely removable fabric covers, designed by Matteo Ragni. T-Pad is a chaise longue, a sofa for the living room, an island for contract applications, and many other things.‎ Thanks to the easy attachment and release of its modules, and three different armrests, a pentagonal piece and a drop-shaped peninsula, T-Pad can change the physiognomy of a room and generate constantly new domestic landscapes.‎

Matteo Ragni has also designed the Moon armchair on runners. The sophisticated game of symmetry and the overhanging armrest suggest a sense of pleasant lightness, making it geometric and sensual at the same time. The seat and back rest on a steel plate: like a single thread of metal that runs along the whole structure of the seat, granting it unexpected lightness combined with the comfort of the soft seat itself.

Moon by Twils, Design Matteo Ragni
Adele by Twils, Design Antonio De Marco - Photo © Max Rommel
Adele by Twils, Design Antonio De Marco - Photo © Max Rommel

The Adele chair designed by Antonio De Marco, on the other hand, follows the rule of simplicity. Forceful, enveloping and strategic lines, for a natural dialogue of opposites, enhancing their forms. Like the shell, skillfully padded to offer maximum comfort, and the various materials of the composition.

Photo credits x T-PAD © Max Rommel