Esmé Miami Beach
Esmé Miami Beach

The joy, vitality and courtesy of the famous phrase spoken often in Costa Rica make it apply perfectly to the new boutique hotel Esmé Miami Beach created by Infinity Hospitality, an American real estate developer known for its original hospitality concepts. Located on the historic Española Way, a lively pedestrian axis in Miami Beach, the complex that contains Esmé was originally known as the ‘Spanish village,’ dating back to 1927 and built for a colony of bohemian artists. A renovation project extending over five years has transformed the complex into a delightful and unconventional hotel, composed of eight buildings to ‘accommodate’ 145 rooms and 5 novel food and beverage projects. 

“We are very excited to be able to open the doors of Esmé in Miami, so that our guests can experience just how unique and special this hotel is,” says James Stuart, director of Infinity Hospitality. “To re-imagine and design a structure like this one, from top to bottom, and to watch it come to life: I could not be prouder of our team and of everything that has been done to transform this project into reality.”

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The close collaboration with Jessica Schuster Design has led to an exceptional setting, halfway between nostalgia and a modern interpretation of classic design elements. Every detail has been selected with care, from the luxurious Bellino bedding to the bath products by Grown Alchemist, as well as the custom furnishings and finishes.

The skillful combination of mahogany tones mixed with golden accents, or the full hues of pink and emerald green in the rooms, take guests on a thrilling overseas voyage, as if the spaces were permeated by the light of the Mediterranean.

All the buildings in the Esmé village are connected by intimate paseos. With the exception of Casa Matanza: an independent building featuring a palette of darker, forceful colors, accessed by means of a tunnel that takes guests to Drexel Avenue.

The offering of restaurants and bar facilities blends perfectly into the context, mingling with the activities of the guests. Like The Roof, which connects four of the rooftops of the ‘village’ to create a bridge that incorporates a bar and a restaurant, a swimming pool, cabins and wellness space.

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To make the most of leisure time, Infinity has called on the co-founder of Lost Boy & Co., Chris Hudnall, and the highly acclaimed chef Fabian Di Paolo to supervise the program of restaurants.

Photo © Jen Castro, JSD, Patrick Chin, World Red Eye