The World Design Summit invites Piuarch to Montreal

“To create an ecologically sustainable, economically vital, socially fair and culturally varied world” This is the declaration of the World Design Summit during its presentation conference held back in 2015. The international meeting is scheduled to take place in Montreal, from October 16th -25th.
Over 500 exponents are set to participate, including design professionals, governors, entrepreneurs, representatives of the sector, the media and NGOs from all over the world, to recount their professional experiences, analyse the market, evaluate trends, discuss problems, present a declaration and a ten-year plan for international collaboration, with the shared objective of designing a better word for everyone.

Piuarch participates in in-depth discussion on the themes of urban planning, interior design and the design of new corporate spaces or retail interiors for international brands.  Currently the studio counts on a team of forty architects and engineers. At the summit it is represented by one of its four founding partners, Francesco Fresa. “Branded design” undoubtedly constitutes the heart of the discussion, one of the most significant fields of Piuarch’s activity, which has been working with major fashion houses for some time now. In Milan, the studio has designed three Dolce&Gabbana sites (the third, in chronological order, is located on Viale Piave), as well as major boutiques in the centre and the Metropol, a multi-purpose facility in what was once a cinema, containing an events hall and executive venues. The Gucci Hub is another exemplary project: the new headquarters have redeveloped the former Caproni factory facilities located on the eastern directive of Via Mecenate, as well as the Porta Nuova Building which hosts Nike and Alexander McQueen offices.

Such top quality projects have given the city of Milan new impetus, through redevelopment and the creation of important districts.