Le Righe Fineline by Itlas
Le Righe Fineline by Itlas

To enhance any space, all with an eye on sustainability. Starting from this concept, Le Righe Fineline by Itlas is a collection of wooden facings produced with a process that reduces waste, also for perfect adaptation to the bath environment. Starting with precious materials and the study of new levels of comfort without sacrificing looks, the bathroom evolves from a functional facility to a true area of wellbeing, a private space where taste meets the most innovative trends in the field of wellness.

In this context, the warm, enveloping essence of wood becomes a true protagonist: thanks to its extreme versatility, it offers an ideal product for the bathroom zone and other areas in the home. Le Righe Fineline is an evolution of the Progetto Bagno that began in 2015, and moves precisely in the same direction, with elements that can be used as facings for floors, wall paneling and furnishings, bringing a sense of continuity to spaces, matched by refined elegance.

With its games of volume, unexpected optical effects and exceptional craftsmanship, the three-dimensional paneling, available in oak or walnut, can be used to decorate and cover surfaces, with vertical or horizontal installation, adding precious quality to a space that has become – to all effects – a stage on which design can reveal its finest expressive impact.

Le Righe Fineline is therefore a contemporary and trend-setting line, balancing the timeless sensations of its raw material with an original creative approach, in a sort of wooden wallpaper made with small scraps and leftovers from working processes. An interpretation of style that responds to the latest taste in design, above all thanks to the sustainable choices that set the Itlas universe apart.

While wood, in fact, is the basic element and distinctive feature of the company, it is impossible not to mention the care that goes into the crafting of the material, and the respect for nature, as can be seen in the activities connected with the ECOS project. Thanks to this initiative based on research and commitment, a working method has been developed to reduce environmental impact, in tune with the principles of the circular economy, permitting reduction of waste to a minimum and giving a new life to scrap. A philosophy that leads to greater awareness of the virtuous use of wood, for a concept of effective ethical beauty.