Node+ by LaCividina, Design Ben van Berkel:UNStudio
Node+ by LaCividina, Design Ben van Berkel:UNStudio

To each his own place to sit. Whether in spaces for meetings or teamwork, or situations that require concentration and personal activity, the solutions of LaCividina interpret the transformations of the world through multifunctional, versatile and – above all – comfortable furnishings. The design approach of LaCividina, in fact, expands its expressive horizons to adapt to the changed and changing trends of contemporary workspace, and the needs of those who inhabit it, while keeping faith with one basic value of the company’s DNA: maximum ergonomic comfort in every product. Relying on over half a century of manufacturing expertise, the company creates collections that combine functional quality, good looks and durability, for high-performance settings, generating islands of wellbeing to sustain the rhythms of everyday working life. The Twirl, Taco and Node+ seating collections adapt to the new typologies and requirements of efficiency in the office context.

Informal privacy

A soft, light graphic sign seems to give rise to the Twirl settee. The design is by Gordon Guillaumier, who with the simple gesture of an irregular eddy combines a seat, a desk and a screen. The result is an enveloping niche in which to work complete privacy and in any context. The panels, as structural elements, become visual and acoustic protection devices at the same time, applied with the curvature to the right or left, for ergonomic use or to form dynamic compositions. The soft upholstery boosts the ideal of comfort, fully reflected by the remarkable volume of the seat. The practicality of this small sofa, with its refined contemporary design, is completed by a worksurface equipped with electrical sockets and USB ports. 

Twirl by LaCividina, Design Gordon Guillaumier

Taco by LaCividina, Design Alessandro Stabile

Sustainable lightness 

To create the perfect, comfortable seat with just six kilos of weight and a smaller amount of material than is used in standard solutions. This is the challenge faced (and overcome) by the Taco chair designed by Alessandro Stabile. Taco takes a wide perspective on the contemporary world, focusing on the very timely theme of sustainability. The designer has developed a padded chair without a wooden framework and polyurethane foam, using a flat process for the material. The chair is comfortable and enveloping thanks to two layers of natural felt with an inner reinforcement in steel. The reduction of the material utilized, the low energy consumption required for manufacturing, and the materials that can be separated by hand and completely recycled, make this a truly ecological product. 

Architectural compositions

Work, privacy, entertainment, relaxation and socializing. All this inside a world of softness generated by Node+, the seating component system designed by Ben van Berkel/UNStudio for LaCividina. Comparable to a work of ‘micro-architecture’ due to its modular design, the project starts with an upholstered element to create systems that fulfill all the functions of the living area and collective spaces. The seats can be outfitted with divider panels, for greater privacy, armrests, backs and freely positioned cushions. There is even a desk to create a workstation, and small tables for added space.

Node+ by LaCividina, Design Ben van Berkel/UNStudio