18,620 miles. 41 days. Eight countries. And a world of design to discover

The flight plan for IFDM’s first season has been drawn up and the journey begins: to the most sought-after design destinations in the world and through the international business panorama, where human value still plays a vital role. Key players in the furniture industry and global trend setters are abandoning their “digital profiles” in favour of face-to-face contact, reinstating the concept of “social” in the halls of the exhibition centres of the world’s design capitals.

Between January and March, our journey will take us to eight countries, where we will see that relationships between the companies designing new products, the designers, the local partners and the various international buyers still “thankfully” happen face to face.

From the interiors of Cologne to the decorations of Paris, passing through the capital of Nordic Design and even surrendering to the charm of Asian culture in Singapore and Beijing without overlooking a stop-off to see the art on show in the Middle East, our journey will put design and – above all – interiors in the spotlight, channelling the latest trends among home aficionados and more.
Together we’ll be travelling nearly 20,000 miles, so we invite you to replace your tray tables, check that your seat is in the upright position and keep your seatbelts fastened.

Enjoy the trip!