The FENIX family is composed of smart materials that take a range of high-performance surfaces into interiors, with sophisticated aesthetic impact: extreme matte finish, soft to the touch, captivating. With technical characteristics that make them particularly useful in spaces such as the bathroom or the kitchen.

X-KIN Grigio Bromo

X-KIN Verde Commodoro

The latest entry in this range of materials, over time, is X-KIN by FENIX: a surprising evolution, because this innovative surface – in addition to the typical characteristics of the materials in this family, name fingerprint proofing and excellent color resistance to light – is flexible and ready for use like wallpaper, for both flat and rounded shapes, from walls to structural components like pillars and columns.

X-KIN continues with the main characteristics that have made FENIX a unique material in terms of durability and innovation. On a chromatic level, the color range of these new surfaces (four exclusive tones: Rosso Jaipur, Verde Comodoro, Grigio Londra and Grigio Bromo) has been developed for coordination with that of the FENIX materials, triggering personal, harmonious juxtapositions, playing with colors and combining horizontal and vertical, sinuous and straight surfaces in countless interactions.

The official presentation of X-KIN, during Milano Design Week 2022, was split into two events of great visual appeal. The immersive installation The Wall of Wonders, at Casa Brera, the result of collaboration between the artist Gustaf von Arbin and the designers CARA/DAVIDE – with artistic direction by Motel409 – recreated an ‘abstract’ house where each room told a visual and sonic story, enlivened by the everyday gestures that unfold inside domestic spaces, seen through shadows cast on the walls. While the spaces of FENIX Scenario hosted the installation De-Structura by Fabio Fantolino, organized in a series of ‘capsules’ focusing on the world of the kitchen and an exploration of the bath environment.

The Wall of Wonders


This innovative dimension of the project can also be observed on the brand’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. X-KIN is sold exclusively online – at fenixforinteriors.shop – available in rolls of 1.3 x 10.05 meters.