Luxury Living Group opens in London

The group has opened a new store on very central Brompton Road. On view, the Versace Home collection and the offerings of the new brand Luxence

Luxury Living Group flagship store, London
Luxury Living Group flagship store, London

For design lovers there is a new address to visit in London: at number 254 of very central Brompton Road, Luxury Living Group, specialized in design, production and distribution of luxury furniture for some of the most important international brands, has opened a new store.

In a seductive, immersive space of over 600 square meters, the group displays Italian décor excellence through the Versace Home collection and the offerings of the new brand Luxence.

“This opening is a fundamental step for our international growth,” says Andrea Gentilini, CEO of Luxury Living Group. “London is not just one of the most important hubs in terms of purchases of high-quality furniture, but also represents an indispensable international connection in relation to our target clientele.” 

The Versace Home collection concentrates on the inimitable and distinctive characteristics of the maison, such as unconventional boldness and eclectic decoration, ranging from classical art to contemporary creativity.

Photo © Daniele Brescia

Luxence, the group’s first independent collection, presents a narrative based on the pursuit of beauty, as formulated by the designers and artisans of Luxury Living Group. Cosmopolite, the cornerstone of the entire collection, has a dynamic, modern look, varying types of workmanship and materials to give rise to four other expressions of luxury living: Marco Polo, Palazzo, Mediterranea and Nomade.