A loft on the crest of a wave

The historic advert of the nineteen seventies that made the claim “Onwards and upwards!” could equally apply to the modern day company of Sanlorenzo, which has been acclaimed by the chroniclers of design (and finance) for turning the yachting sector inside out and giving it renewed energy, ideas and prospects.

Under the art direction of Sergio Buttiglieri (read his interview in the latest Contract & Hospitality Book), the boatyard embraced the new language for interiors and every new offer created even greater expectations, raising the yardstick even higher.

After the debut with the historic design of Dordoni Architects and the collaboration with Antonio Citterio & Patricia Viel, comes the SX88, a 27 metre yacht with the interiors designed by Piero Lissoni.

The indoor merges with the outdoor seamlessly, there being no rigid, marked out compartments, resulting in an unusual open space, functional and flexible, with numerous modular furniture solutions (including various colours) and great liveability.

The style and “contaminated” tastes of Piero Lissoni are in perfect harmony with the Sanlorenzo philosophy: alongside the design, represented by the icons of great masters, there are references to the great voyages, pieces in oriental style, all gently sorted and integrated in a space where every centimetre (and, in a boat, it has to be this way) is thought through and planned.

The interior of the SX88 yacht was designed, in addition to Piero Lissoni, by David Lopez, Stefano Castelli and Marco Gottardi.