Incontri by Polform - Photo © Paolo Roversi
Incontri by Polform - Photo © Paolo Roversi

True wealth lies in the encounter: a growth formula, a widening of perspectives, the creation of relationships. Along its path of exploration of different forms of creativity, Poliform starts with the natural spontaneity of an encounter with new worlds and new faces, observed with curiosity and the desire to get beyond the usual boundaries.

This openness is the foundation of a communication project: Incontri. A chance to establish dialogue with brilliant minds, and to directly experience worlds that are close to design, such as photography, art, fashion, architecture and social media,  feeding the imagination. Initiated on a digital level, the project will occasionally be augmented through a ‘physical’ presentation inside the Poliform showrooms, starting from the world’s most important cities.

The protagonist of the first of these ‘encounters’ is the photographer Paolo Roversi, who already has a solid bond with the company thanks to the creation of the photography book Time, Light, Space, produced for Poliform’s 50th anniversary. At the time, the subjects of his images were the furnishings; today Roversi captures the spirit of the products in relation to female models coexisting in the space, in an evocative, almost sentimental relationship.

“It is said that photographs depict the soul of their subjects, and although it might seem pretentious to say so, that is what I always try to do with my photos – Roversi explains. – Not just a sort of ID card or atlas or map of the face and the external features, but something deeper. I have tried to do the same thing with objects, with furniture.” A narrative in images to reveal the innermost nature of Poliform, through iconic creations like the Le Club, Jane and Curve chairs, the Saint-Germain, Brera and Mondrian sofas, amidst blurred contours and games of light and shadow – Roversi’s stylistic signature.

The shots transform the showroom in London on King’s Road into a true open-air gallery. The Incontri project makes its debut, in fact, in the English capital, coordinated with an event of international impact, the London Design Festival, with its brilliant creative vitality. The store windows feature a special display using lightboxes, to create a path of immersion in the everyday urban setting. The same images have become the substance of the new Poliform ad campaign, alongside the institutional imagery, and they will be gathered in a book under the title “Incontri”. Photography, design and lifestyle come together in this first episode, part of a series soon to be fully unveiled.