Snap by Elica: air quality at home between design and technology

Elica, the historical world leader manufacturer of range hoods synonymous with Made in Italy, enters the Internet of Things (*) market and launches Snap, the first Air Quality Balancer.

Thanks to the presence of three sensors and a sophisticated algorithm, Snap is the innovative extraction system that automatically monitors and improves air quality, reducing in just 30 minutes (for a 25 sq. m. room) the presence of pollutants, odors and excess vapors in indoor spaces.

A recent study carried out by the EPA has indeed revealed that the air we breathe indoor is not properly ventilated and it can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, a figure that confirms our propensity to pay a close attention to external environmental pollution and very little to the domestic one.

Through Snap Elica continues its path of air handling specialist, opening up, with its first IOT (Internet of Things) product, to other rooms of the house. The project partners are IBM (owner of the cloud for data storage) and Vodafone, who created the dedicated app and the “user-Snap-user connectivity”.

Thanks to three sensors that constantly measure the quality, temperature and the air humidity, Snap automatically activates the air recycling process preventing the need to open the windows of the house and consequently, the risk of a relative dispersion of heat.

From the first time you operate it, Snap starts the receiving phase, learning about the home environment through the constant monitoring conducted by its sensors. This way it can define and calibrate its assistance based on a specific "ideal situation" for every environment, and time of day.

The versatility of the new-born product at Elica is also embodied in 5 operating modes that can be activated through an APP (available for download from Apple store and Google Play) from outside the house or with a remote control, allowing you to set Snap according to your needs.

 Automatic: clears the air by removing odors, pollutants, excess vapors. A fully automatic mode that monitors the temperature and adjusts the output air-flow to avoid any heat dispersion and resulting wastes.

Manual: users decide when to when to active Snap ventilating the environment according to their needs and contingencies.

Detox: focuses on air quality, it clears the air of odors and pollutants.

Dry: determines the proper air re-cycling process, reduces the formation of mold and avoids unpleasant musty smells.

Links: establishes a dialogue with the Sense hoods by Elica, and operates according to the information and the activity of the hoods; it intervenes to enhance the effectiveness of the air evacuation.


(*) The Internet of Things is one of the evolutions of the Net.

The objects become recognizable and acquire intelligence thanks to the fact of being able to communicate information about themselves and access to aggregated information from others. Alarms sound before in case of traffic, the sneakers transmit time, speed and distance to compete in real time with people on the other side of the globe, the medicine containers alert family members if you forget to take the medication. All objects can acquire an active role through the connection to the Network. The Internet of Things aims to ensure that electronic devices trace a map from the real one, giving an electronic identity to things and places of the physical environment.