Gentleman Night Collection by Poliform, Design Marcel Wanders Studio
Gentleman Night Collection by Poliform, Design Marcel Wanders Studio

The noble and elegant character of the Gentleman living collection has been extended to the bedroom zone, giving rise to an approach of total relaxation with all the related accessories. In a single collection envisioned and designed by Marcel Wanders Studio, Poliform creates a complete domestic panorama that shifts fluidly from the living area to the night zone, bringing style, welcoming curves and intrinsic refinement in its wake.

First developed mainly as a range of upholstered furniture, including armchairs, ottomans and settees, the Gentleman line is also perfect in its counterpart, the Gentleman Night Collection, which reprises the original concept formulated by the designer: maximum comfort in spaces of limited size, keeping faith with an elegant poise reflecting that of the gentlemen of bygone days.

The tall, impeccable headboard (referencing the high-backed Gentleman Reserved chair), delicate padded recesses that ideally create a soft embrace, a slightly overhanging sommier to support the mattress, and a raised base that gives airy appeal to the product: the bed stands out for these distinctive features, boosted by a series of details that enhance the new protagonist of the nighttime zone. As in the case of the grosgrain border, the ribbed fabric like the raised collar of a jacket, or the solid, discreet feet in brown nickel or champagne.

The bed is joined by a dresser and bedside units, consistent with the aesthetic language of the entire collection. Raised from the ground, these pieces have rounded profiles and a marked linear style, emphasized by the contrast of the finishes: black elm or gold walnut for the structure, matte lacquer for the slightly concave top.

Finishes and materials play a leading role in this line’s impeccable appeal, based on careful balancing of hues and textures. Fine wood meets the softness of upholstery fabrics and the glow of metals for a natural, homogeneous overall effect. Every item in the Gentleman Night Collection contributes – in both aesthetic and formal terms – to generate a perceptible sense of peace and serenity, ideal for a space set aside for rest and relaxation, with that touch of sophisticated style implicit in the savoir faire of the Poliform-Wanders creative collaboration.