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The studio Palomba Serafini Associati wagers on a selection of innovative materials, geometric lines and various types of workmanship to create the Argo for Talenti outdoor collection, whose name refers to the wooden vessel sailed by Jason and the Argonauts through the Greek islands, in search of the Golden Fleece.

Wood is the material of the box, with sides enclosing cushions and comfortable, abundant seats. Apart from the elegance of the lines and forms, Argo offers maximum personalization, with a modular sofa capable of providing everyone with their own space, made to measure, to create the preferred outdoor setting.

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The new Talenti collection includes sofas, tables, chairs, cots and ottomans, and reflects the Umbria-based company’s ability to work with wood, aluminium and fabrics, creating masterpieces of craftsmanship. The cushioning of the three-seat sofa, with its large seat, is made with padding in quick-dry foam. The runners make the sofa seem to float over the ground.

Talenti, Argo love seat
Talenti, Argo love seat

The same characteristics apply to the Love Seat for moments of relaxation, with feet curved on the outside, and an armrest and back produced with a handmade weave of synthetic cords.

The fabrics utilized for the collection stand up to weathering, while the external structure is made with innovative Accoya wood, a material with exceptional physical and mechanical virtues, for great durability in contact with water, earth and other substances.

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This wood has been utilized for the entire collection, including the dining tables, available in different sizes and shapes, and the coffee tables that respond to all spatial needs