The notes of creativity

After Design Week, Milan hosts the Veranìco Festival, a musical mash-up that becomes a stage for young artists

Apollo Brown - Photo © Davide Manea
Apollo Brown - Photo © Davide Manea

A few days after the conclusion of Milano Design Week, with its myriad events and initiatives on a wide range of forms of creativity, the city keeps up the pace, this time with a focus on musical culture. The next phase is at BIKO Milano, Via Ettore Ponti 40, for the first edition of the Veranìco Festival, a jam session of Italian, Spanish, American, Australian and French artists specializing in pop, electronic, folk, hip-hop/rap music, as well as DJ sets.

The experimentation, after the intense week on design, shifts into a new mode of expression in this energetic context that puts the spotlight on young talent: for two evenings – 17 and 18 June, starting at 5 PM – promising groups and artists of the European scene will meet and perform, giving rise to an exceptional international overview. 

The results will be a mash-up of genres and rhythms, sounds and personalities: Allysha Joy, Evandro, RBSN, Carbeau, Tristan Simone, Emily Dukes & Noé Zagroun, Lu, Luca Lala, Jacopo Planet, Nico Kyni, Iruna, Premio, Ombra & Tucano’s Party are the protagonists on stage. An event that puts music back as the central focus of everyday life and relationships. 

Advance tickets available on Eventbrite or at the link: