Rollable OLED TV by LG Signature
Rollable OLED TV by LG Signature

Carefree fun and wellbeing: these are the emotions triggered by the short film Hide and Seek, presented by LG SIGNATURE during Milano Design Week. Made in partnership with Molteni&C., directed by Francesca Molteni and produced by Muse Factory of Projects, the film has a single message: technology is a friend of humankind, to facilitate everyday life with an accent on wellness and the human scale.

A novel message that is in line with the language and codes of LG SIGNATURE, the ultra-premium brand of the LG Electronics group, and Molteni&C. The former emphasizes excellence of styling and technology, while the latter focuses on natural elegance and refinement. The two brands share an accent on functional research and precision workmanship: central factors in the success of both around the world. Both brands are also innovators, ready to utilize the latest technologies, always in search of new techniques to improve the quality and value of their exceptional contemporary creations.

Hide and Seek is a simple, effective case of storytelling: a family visits a showroom, and while the parents are choosing furnishings, the two children – Vicky and Marty – suddenly become the true protagonists of the tale. The other protagonists are the products by LG SIGNATURE, which the viewer gradually discovers as the characters play hide and seek. An enchanted dialogue develops between the kids and the products, which come alive in response to the almost unwitting and amazed explorations of the children. The magic of technology reveals its human side to the young visitors, the way it adapts to their functional needs. Stimulating creativity becomes a tool to imagine a different, better future, also in domestic spaces.

The set is the Molteni&C showroom, shrouded in darkness. The light comes on and the spaces become visible, room after room. The LG SIGNATURE products are in place: Rollable OLED TV, OLED 8K TV, the refrigerator, the wine unit, the washer-dryer and the air purifier. They are presented one by one, like the actors in a play. The short concludes with a final farewell: Vicky, on the way out, casts one last look at the living area, and a lamp turns on, almost as if it was waving at these new playmates. The short film will be screened in the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom at Via Manzoni 47 in Milan from 7 to 12 June, inside a space set aside for the products of LG SIGNATURE and furnishings by Molteni&C. The film can also be seen, starting from the first days in June, at this page.

This article was produced in collaboration with LG SIGNATURE