Ruben Modigliani Editor-in-chief of IFDM International

Ruben Modigliani, a journalist with two decades of experience in the fields of design and lifestyle, is the new Editor-in-Chief of the IFDM system, print and digital

Paolo Bleve, Publisher and Managing Director of Marble, announces the appointment of Ruben Modigliani as Editor-in-Chief for the entire IFDM system – Print and Digital – as of 10 January 2022.

Born in Florence, he has resided in Milan for 33 years, while also living part-time in Paris. Always a lover of design and architecture, he has worked as a journalist since 1994, with extensive international experience gained across two decades, on the editorial staff of magazines like L’Uomo Vogue, D la Repubblica delle Donne, Grazia Casa, Elle Decor and AD Architectural Digest Italia.
His passion for graphic design and many other applied arts is combined with his interest in style, music, literature, fashion and art, offering a multidisciplinary perspective through which to identify and narrate the evolution of taste and lifestyle – from houses to the cities that contain them.

«I am pleased to announce Ruben’s appointment in 2022, a very important year for IFDM, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary. His brilliant career in journalism – says Paolo Bleve, founder of the masthead in 2007 – fits perfectly with the dynamism, effective performance and excellent international reputation of our organization, enhancing its value and authoritative role to guide IFDM into the future. This is an important, high-profile position, which will further reinforce IFDM’s commitment to act as a professional and cultural reference point of information for the design community».

Ruben captures emerging trends in interior design and has extensive experience, creativity and innovative ability through which to formulate original media approaches of traditional and digital information, developing the editorial guidelines and direction of the IFDM.Design platform, as well as the annual IFDM Magazine Design Issue in April. «Design – he says – is going through a marvelous period: it was considered an applied art, but today it is seen as a lofty expression of timely thinking. Design is culture, taste, industry, technology, progress. Research that never stands still. Its discussion, in the approach of IFDM, combining and triggering a fluid dialogue between the digital dimension and the printed page, is a perfect reflection of our time. Over the years Paolo has surrounded himself with a brilliant team. It is an honor for me to become part of it».

In an active interchange on the world of design, he is joined by Alessandra Bergamini, Deputy Editor of the publications .Wonder Book Project & Hospitality International, China Regional and the Yacht & Cruise Collection.

Veronica Orsi

«I would like to take this opportunity to thank Veronica Orsi – Paolo Bleve continues – for the impeccable professionalism, precious coordination and dedication that have permitted IFDM to take on an outstanding role in the area of communication for the design industry and its companies. It will be a pleasure to continue our collaboration with Veronica, with her appointment as Editor-at-Large, in recognition of her long-term contribution and profound knowledge of the sector, and the world of IFDM».

Ruben now becomes the ambassador of IFDM vis-à-vis institutions, clients and players in the field of communication, as well as our international readership, during moments of interaction and periodic relations. We wish him an excellent start on this new adventure, and we welcome him to the IFDM family.


Born in 1963 and raised in Florence, where he graduated from classical high school, his first professional experience came in the field of graphic design.

His passion for the printed page, developed since 1994 in the communication divisions of Byblos, Pitti Immagine and Giorgio Armani – collaborating with the latter on the design, styling and art direction for the catalogues and Emporio Armani Magazine – led him by instinct into various publishing organizations, where he honed his writing skills: L’Uomo VogueD la Repubblica delle DonneGrazia CasaElle Décor Italia and AD Architectural Digest Italia.

He inherited his interest in architecture and design from his parents, who stimulated his creativity from an early age, enabling him to visit sensational places in Italy and Europe, journeys that prompted him to choose Paris – after Florence and then Milan – as a second residence.

He loves posters, and has a small collection of fine specimens. He likes to reveal connections between ideas, even spanning great distances in space and history, to discover new cities and to return to those he loves best, which are many. He would like to live in the Glass House of Philip Johnson, but with a basement storeroom full of furniture, books and objects, to be displayed on a rotating basis. Or in the Palais Stoclet in Brussels, the masterpiece by Josef Hoffmann.


Il Foglio del Mobile was founded in 2007, as a platform of expression of the companies of Made in Italy for the occasion of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Thanks to its internationalization and distribution on 28 worldwide markets, in 2012 the publication was re-branded as IFDM, an acronym of the original titles, taking on what is still its role today: Interior Furniture Design Magazine.

In 2022 IFDM will celebrate fifteen years of activity. With this anniversary in mind, the appointment of Modigliani in the publishing house marks a new beginning, reflecting the goal of consolidating innovative editorial programming, keeping faith with the Manifesto of 2020, by which the company entered the new decade with an ambitious, futuristic publishing project, an updated identity and a particular mission, without disrupting the values and objectives that have shaped its character from the outset, across fifteen years of evolution.

In pursuit of a strategy that makes it possible to explore unprecedented pathways, as in the past, and to reach even more farsighted perspectives – for itself and its entire network – IFDM has reconfigured its editorial system to foster a decisive and much more vigorous orientation towards online and digital channels: not as a mere consequence and completion of the activities in print, but as their important counterpart, a driving force for greater and more effective operations of information and business.

While innovation has been a key term for the success of IFDM over the last 15 years, modern times have made it necessary to rethink and reconsider the status of this path, and the validity of these precepts. In general, the economy and the society, and particularly the mission of publishers, now require a new approach to information. An approach that can adapt to new supports and channels, to a wide range of increasingly well-informed consumers, active on social networks. An approach that can incorporate all the potentialities made available by the digital age.

IFDM has thus raised questions about what it means to be an innovative publisher today. And, in greater detail, what sort of innovation can be brought into this variegated panorama. The renewed system therefore focuses on greater specialization of contents, a more vertical structure, and the implementation of services. Precisely through these measures, the company is able to perfectly carry out its functions as in the past, moving forward in a natural, seamless process.