IKEA and Sabine Marcelis: let there be light

VARMBLIXT is a collection of 19 pieces, all designed to interact with light, as a result of collaboration between IKEA and the designer Sabine Marcelis

VARMBLIXT collection by IKEA, Design Sabine Marcelis
VARMBLIXT collection by IKEA, Design Sabine Marcelis

Lamps, of course, but also articles for dining, coffee tables and carpets in lively hues. A total of 19 products sharing the prestigious signature of the designer Sabine Marcelis, specifically created to trigger emotional interaction with light. Another surprising aspect is the fact that the pieces are made by IKEA.  

VARMBLIXT is the name of the new collection by the Swedish giant, setting out to explore a new territory, that of sculptural design and light itself, through the creativity of one of the most fashionable names on the international scene, famous for her experimental approach to materials, color and light.

VARMBLIXT has been designed to reawaken interest in the way light can transform the image and atmosphere of the home, establishing relations with objects and the space itself to generate new emotions and to have a positive effect on mood. “I wanted to apply an unusual approach to explore the function of lighting in the home and to inspire people to consider new forms and elements that fit into various types of interiors, enhancing them in a new, bold and artistic way,” Sabine Marcelis says.

In stores starting in February, VARMBLIXT includes various lamps – suspensions, wall and table lamps – a wall mirror with LEDs (a semi-transparent glass panel and a luminous bar), a set of two tables, accessories for place settings such as a set of cocktail glasses, bottle openers, a tray, a vase and even tablecloths.

Sabine Marcelis

A recurring motif in Sabine’s work couldn’t help but find a place in this collection, namely the donut shape, suggesting the perfection of the infinite. The first series of objects based on this form is composed of bowls with covers, in different sizes, and a lamp. “When the light crosses the orange glass, the soft donut form comes alive with a warm glow – the designer explains. – It is a magical spectacle that captures the gaze, whether the lamp is placed on a table or hung on the wall.”

The program is completed by two carpets in 100% wool, tufted by hand, inspired by the colors of the sunset, with delicate nuanced effects. VARMBLIXT is a limited edition collection, with the exception of four lighting products that will remain at greater length in the IKEA assortment.